Headpieces That Stole the Show at the Opulence Ball

Headpieces That Stole the Show at the Opulence Ball


From celestial crowns to floral fascinators, explore opulent headpieces from the Opulence Ball

The Opulence Ball is a realm of enchantment, where mythology doesn’t solely exist in an extravagant display—it’s also headpieces themselves. Among the many elements that contributed to the magic of this event, these crowning glories took center stage. The headwear at the Opulence Ball featured a diverse array of themes that added a touch of mystique to the night.

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Floral fantasies

2023 headpiece Chris Nick MEGA

Floral headpieces, whether adorned with appliques or crafted from metal, emerged as a timeless statement. Their vibrant details brought life to a variety of themes, lending an air of perpetual beauty and allure to the ball.

Celestial splendor

Opulence Ball 2023 headpiece Coleen Garcia MEGA

Planetary elements such as the sun, moon, and stars graced the headpieces of many attendees. In a night dedicated to mythical beings and folklore, these celestial accents seamlessly blended with the overarching theme, reminding us that the celestial belongs where myths and legends come to life.

Heavenly wings and devilish horns

Opulence Ball 2023 headpiece Celeste Cortesi MEGA
Opulence Ball 2023 headpiece Andrea Brillantes MEGA

Angels and their wings, symbols of guidance and purity, adorned the foreheads of some guests. These heavenly beings added an angelic touch to pristine dresses. On the other hand, devilish horns and gothic makeup provided a daring contrast, proving that it’s intriguing to embrace the darker side sometimes.

Divine halos

2023 headpiece Jessica Yang MEGA

No theme centered around gods and goddesses would be complete without the iconic halo. These radiant rings graced the heads of many, elevating their overall divine presence.

Bejeweled headdresses

Opulence Ball 2023 headpiece Solenn Heussaff MEGA

The saying “what glitters is not always gold” holds true at the Opulence Ball, where bejeweled headpieces stole the spotlight. These adorned gemstones drew attention to detail, proving that even subtle elegance can leave a lasting impression.

Avant-Garde aesthetics

While the theme may be mythical, there are always guests who take it to a level of otherworldly artistry. Beyond the pages of fables, they embrace an avant-garde spirit that transforms them into beings from realms beyond our imagination.

Each headpiece at this year’s Opulence Ball tells a story—be it a blossoming floral reverie, an odyssey among the celestial heavens, a manifestation of divine serenity, or an avant-garde stroke of creativity. These regal adornments grace the brows of the attendees, bestowing upon the event an added layer of opulent grandeur that transcends the mythical.


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