Heads Up: James Reid’s Newest Album ‘lovescene:’ is Out!

Heads Up: James Reid’s Newest Album ‘lovescene:’ is Out!


Five years since his last full release, James is back with a 10-track album telling the story of a sweet summer love that has gone cold. 

In case you missed it—James Reid finally made a sweet comeback in the music scene with lovescene:! The album, composed of 10 tracks, reflects James’ take on how love begins and ends. 

It is no secret that since his first album, Palm Dreams, a lot has happened in his life. From a management change to his viral break up, James has opened up his thoughts to the public, and stuck with his real approach on questions.

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But sticking to his core, the singer-songwriter keeps it most authentic when he uses the language of music to communicate his feelings. In several interviews and lives on social media, James has spilled that lovescene: is about the beginning and eventual demise of a relationship. 

True to his words, the first two tracks of the album, “cali lovin” and “u & i,” were upbeat jams about the excitement of a newfound affection. The former was already performed by Reid himself for an episode of “Press Play At Home” by the GRAMMYs, while the music video for the latter featured international model Kelsey Merritt.

The next three tracks were about making sense of developing feelings for an object of desire. In an Instagram live, James shared that “always been you” is about actress-singer Nadine Lustre, his previous partner and a fellow artist under Careless. The sixth and seventh songs, “hold on tight” and “lie to me,” were collaborations between WOOSUNG from The Rose and Destiny Rogers, respectively. 

The final three songs delve more deeply into holding on to the relationship, starting with “stay,” and closing the album with “bring me back.” 

Mostly incorporating retro beats, leads, synths with lyrics hinting of his making sense of heartbreak and loss, the Daft Punk-influence of James was very evident with lovescene:. However, the ninth track called “spotlight” utilized a guitar riff for the refrain, a quick but raw break from James’ disco-heavy sounds. 

Overall, the album is truly a love story—but not only a romantic one at that. lovescene: exhibits how James continues to grow and mature as an artist and as a storyteller, with music as his medium of honest expression.

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