Heads Up: The Darna Trailer is Finally Here!

Heads Up: The Darna Trailer is Finally Here!


The classic Filipino superhero is finally back on the screen with a modern take on Mars Ravelo’s masterpiece.

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Darna is not just a superheroine. She also tells the story of a Filipino woman—often trampled but always rising from the embers and ashes. 72 years since its creation and numerous actresses after, Darna now tells a new story of a daughter.

Last night, ABSCBN finally dropped the Darna trailer during the airing of TV Patrol. A mix of its classic story with a modern take, the series features Iza Calzado as the older Darna, who will eventually be taken over by Narda (Jane De Leon), her daughter and the new Darna. Ding, played by Zaijan Jaranilla, completes their family of three.

The older Darna’s legacy must be continued by Narda, who, as seen in the sneak peek, is skilled in combat even without the powerful, white stone that activates Darna, the superhero. There are time jumps on the story, evident on the changes of their hairstyles and outfits.

Joshua Garcia also appears in the trailer as Narda’s friend and later as a policeman. Another most-awaited villain in the series is Valentina, played by Janella Salvador. No Darna story is complete without the powerful fight scenes of the superheroine and the villainess.

The cliffhanger of the trailer is Jane De Leon’s Narda transforming into Darna, featuring the most-awaited costume change. Fans have yet to see the new Darna look, and we can’t wait for it!

Chito S. Rono’s Darna series is coming this August. Watch the trailer below.

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