How You Prioritize Your Health and Wellness While Quarantined

How You Prioritize Your Health and Wellness While Quarantined


Hunches have been circulating on how each one of us could possibly disregard a healthy lifestyle and indulge in whatever is available at home. Is this true? Well, that depends on how disciplined you are. 

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Whatever you’ve become after the enhanced community quarantine solely depends on how disciplined you are in keeping track of your normal routine. Let’s say on an everyday basis, you have your meals follow a certain calorie count, and on particular days of the week, you go to the gym to sneak in an hour-long workout. Even though people on social media would throw a pun about gaining weight after the whole COVID-19 is over, you should still prove otherwise.

Prioritizing your health and wellness can of course help you combat the COVID-19 infection. But more than that, simply put, life has to keep on going. It may seem impossible, but while you’re just staying at home, you can still continue what your routine, even just to hold on to a sense of normal in difficult times like these. It’s hard to resist indulgent home-cooked meals, but we suggest you switch some of your breakfast and dinner meals with healthier options.

Rumor had it that bananas and gargling with salt water can help you prevent from catching COVID-19. Research was quick to debunk that myth, stressing that there’s no scientific study that could back up the erroneous statement. Even the Department of Health was quick to dismiss this claim. You should focus instead on healthier food options that could help make your immunity stronger like including enough fruits and dark leaf vegetables in your diet

Aside from taking your daily dose of vitamins to boost your immune system, make an effort to prepare dishes that are also rich in vitamins. While everyone is ordered to not leave the house, this doesn’t mean that you’re literally staying in the four corners of your home. Stepping out of your doorstep or balcony to get some vitamin D from the sunlight is something that your body needs also.


It might be ironic for people living in tropical countries like us to suffer from Vitamin D deficiency, but it could still happen, especially that some might literally confine themselves in their house for the whole quarantine period. It’s probably a common knowledge that morning sunlight is the healthiest. Well, that remains true. However, to sustain some adequate vitamin D in your body, exposing yourself for 13-30 minutes under 11 AM to 3 PM sunlight is safer for our skin.

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No matter where you are, if you’re determined in keeping yourself in shape, you don’t need to wait until your gym resumes operation. Taking your workouts from the gym into your own homes is made easy with online fitness vloggers. With the no-equipment workout that these fitness vloggers are sharing, you can still sculpt your form without treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical trainers, bikes, and even yoga straps. Look around your house and use weighted everyday items to up your home workout routine while self-isolating.


Most importantly, this could be the best chance for you to complete the daily recommended 6-8 hours of sleep. Whether this enhanced community quarantine granted you a leave or you continue to work from home, you can still squeeze in all these and more. Simply schedule your daily routine properly and consciously commit to an even healthier lifestyle. And when all this will be hopefully over, this health and wellness routine from quarantine will have become a complete routine by then, which you can carry on for the foreseeable future.

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