Heart Evangelista and Pia Wurtzbach are Chic in Pastel at the Fendi Fall/Winter 2024 Show

Heart Evangelista and Pia Wurtzbach are Chic in Pastel at the Fendi Fall/Winter 2024 Show


Heart Evangelista and Pia Wurtzbach steal the spotlight at the Fendi show for Milan Fashion Week FW24, each flaunting their stunning take on pastel blue

Blue is sometimes considered the warmest color. It evokes deep emotions and warmth in the context of love and relationships. Pastel blue, on the other hand, is the cool breeze on a sunny day, offering a refreshing twist to the warmth of traditional blue. It’s the delicate balance between serenity and vibrancy, adding a touch of softness to any palette. In essence, it’s chic. Two luminaries have emerged as the reigning queens of style: Heart Evangelista and Pia Wurtzbach. At the Fendi Fall/Winter 2024 show, they are decked out in pastel blues that could make the sky blush with envy. 

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Heart Evangelista: Daring Icon

A staple in fashion week, Evangelista glided into the venue with an air of effortless attraction, like a modern-day muse claiming her rightful place. Draped in a beige Fendi tube dress, each curve embraced with precision, she exuded a magnetism that drew all eyes her way. The dress, with whimsical wrap-around details in pastel blue and yellow, danced against her silhouette. Yet, it was the daring slit and the bold choice of animal print boots that injected a rebellious edge, adding a splash of wildness to her. It wasn’t merely the dress she wore nor the buttery Fendi foldable bag she held, but her confidence and poised demeanor, a testament to her status as a true icon of fashion innovation.

Pia Wurtzbach: Sophisticated Royalty

And then there’s Wurtzbach, the queen of the universe turned fashion royalty, in her first Fendi show. With her piercing gaze and effortless charm, she radiated a magnetic energy that was impossible to ignore. Her choice of attire? A column pastel blue dress that screamed sophistication. The soft silhouette accentuated her statuesque frame, adding dimension to her elongated legs for days. Paired with Fendi’s red foldable bag, she was the embodiment of fierce femininity.

Fendi Women

But what truly set Evangelista and Wurtzbach apart was their attitude. With every pose, every smile, every flick of the wrist, they exuded a contagious confidence. They embraced their individuality, expressing themselves fearlessly, and daring to stand out in a sea of conformity.

Heart Evangelista
Pia Wurtzbach

While blue may be the warmest color, pastel blue is the soothing embrace that brings a sense of calm and comfort to any space. With their killer looks and larger-than-life personalities, as cameras flashed and admirers looked on, Heart Evangelista and Pia Wurtzbach showed us how to look fierce in pastel blue with sass and style. For in this vast landscape, the sky’s the limit, but above it, is limitless—and pastel blue is just the beginning.

Photos and Featured Image: FENDI; HEART EVANGELISTA and PIA WURTZBACH (via Instagram)

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