Heart Evangelista is “The Perfect Muse,” According to Victoria Beckham

Heart Evangelista is “The Perfect Muse,” According to Victoria Beckham


From one posh lady to another, this interaction between Victoria Beckham and Heart Evangelista made their fans go over the moon.

Paris Fashion Week is filled with empowered individuals of all colors, ages, and professions, and everyone deserves to be celebrated for their dedication and hard work in the world of fashion. Events like PFW bring to light all those who make these gatherings possible—from the fashion houses to the attendees and stars themselves.

Heart Evangelista and Victoria Beckham are two successful multi-hyphenates who have played big roles in fashion. In their respective ways, they have made fashion an avenue to assert their skills as artists, and power as women. 

With the latter’s latest releases from her Spring-Summer 2023 collection, her natural posh codes radiate through the pieces with different cuts, colors, and combinations of designs. As there is a chic, pale pink number for serious business, so are there see-through dresses for the beach-by-day and the club-by-night. 

Of all people, Heart understands what it’s like to dress for a variety of engagements as she juggles a lot of roles in her life—and at Victoria Beckham’s debut show, Heart did not disappoint as she donned a powerful all-black number. The stockings and big bow situation helped in softening what could have otherwise been a too-businessy attire for the event. Not to mention, the messy bun was a good touch in making the look more casual and effortlessly glam. 

Both understanding the language of femme force, Victoria Beckham herself praised Heart’s ensemble for the event. Besides the sweet comment she left on Heart’s post, she also reposted the actress’ reel with an endearing caption. 

Acclaimed by Posh Spice as the perfect VB muse, Heart truly embodies and lives for Beckham’s vision for the brand—to make women feel good about themselves. 

Featured image from JEREVIINIKAINEN (Instagram)

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