Heart Evangelista Is The Queen Of All Art Forms

Heart Evangelista Is The Queen Of All Art Forms


Heart Evangelista’s passion for art will now expand to the world of technology

The queen of collaboration has a new treat for fans. Heart Evangelista has revealed that her next project to be released in November will be NFTs or “non fungible tokens.” NFTs are a new kind of digital art secured by blockchain technology and can take many digital forms including art, videos and music.

Evangelista expressed her excitement saying, “These are really cool because they let a buyer prove that they are the true owner of a piece of art even if the art can be freely viewed by the public online. It’s such an interesting combination of art and technology that lets artists express themselves in a whole new way!”

Heart Evangelista on her NFT announcement from Instagram.

She announced that she created her very first NFTs using some of her favorite pieces. She collaborated with Luis Buenaventura of Crypto Pop, whom Evangelista described as one of the first and most talented NFT artists. Apart from Buenaventura, she also collaborated with Rodel Colmenar, composer of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra. Evangelista will be releasing these NFT pieces starting November 4 in Open Sea, the largest market for NFTs.


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