Heart Evangelista Makes Her First Podcast Appearance in MEGA: The Next Move

Heart Evangelista Makes Her First Podcast Appearance in MEGA: The Next Move


As MEGA echoes its voice from print to podcast, Heart Evangelista-Escudero talks about honesty, authenticity, and her next move

Gracing 10 covers over the years easily proves that Heart Evangelista-Escudero personafies what it is to be a MEGA woman. From her first MEGA cover in 2006 to commemorating MEGA’s 30th anniversary and her birth month by being on the cover last February, she has grown with the brand in becoming authorities of storytelling about fashion and life. In the pilot episode of MEGA Presents: The Next Move, the multi-hyphenate joins a podcast for the first time to share why fashion is not just a part of her life, but also a way of living. True enough, as we make yet another first move, it only feels right to bring a true MEGA woman with us. 

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MEGA February 2023
MEGA September 2006

Fashion is in her own hands

The idea of Fashion Week used to be a foreign concept for a number of Filipinos until Heart Evangelista came into the scene. With her pull to the public as an actress, the artist made luxury shopping more relatable and inclusive to many. Case in point, she mixes high and low brands when it comes to curating her looks. Her influence also cannot be downplayed. Need proof? When she wore the YSL New Wave SL 276 during Paris Fashion Week, it started selling out the day after.

Heart Evangelista MEGA The Next Move first podcast
Heart makes a fashion statement at the 2022 Paris Fashion Week in her YSL eyewear

Through her posts, she brought us along with her to the highs and lows of choosing a career in an industry often belittled by many. Understanding style is definitely not a walk in the park, but thankfully, we have Heart with us to guide us through the good, the bad, and the ugly of this side of the world. 

Authenticity is her style

In her show business stint, the Kapuso star has been known to play the roles of kikay characters donning trendy pieces. While people deem her style as elevated and versatile, it would be more apt to call it “unapologetically Love Marie.” This honesty within her also goes beyond her way of dressing up. From her honest-to-goodness conversations with her husband about overspending and forgiveness, to her quick catch ups with her fans on loss and betrayal, she has become a source of how-to’s for women, not only for clothing pieces, but also for pieces of life advice. 

Maturity is her accessory

A MEGA woman is a thinking one, and Heart Evangelista knows how to ponder on her journey. The pages of the magazine witnessed the growth of Evangelista as an actress, artist, and fashion maven. Her best accessory? Maturity through time and experience. There is wisdom learned from age, and the icon proves that through her affinity for buying pieces that stand the test of time and solidifying relationships from her past. 

The artist ponders on her life with grace, maturity, and style

In a nutshell, a MEGA woman is a risk-taker who walks the world unafraid because she is bringing her lessons and experiences in refining her outlook in life and fashion. Now that she is older and wiser, Heart remains unstoppable to take another step and make her next move not only for herself, but also for others. 

To watch the podcast, head over to the official MEGA Youtube page.

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