Adulting 101: Heart Evangelista On Her First Home And Investments

Adulting 101: Heart Evangelista On Her First Home And Investments


See a different side of Heart Evangelista-Escudero away from fashion and beauty as she delves into investments and creating a space that is both beautiful and practical.

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During our February cover shoot, we were able to talk about Heart Evangelista-Escudero’s recent partnership with elevated property development RLC Residences. Heart who admitted that she only partners with a brand that she can relate to even when it means turning down an offer worth millions (as she reveals with her vlog with Dr. Aivee), says that getting the opportunity to partner with a trustworthy brand such as RLC Residences was a no-brainer. With its official launch, we learn more about her journey towards homeownership and her tips on making that big step.


Heart who’s been working for several years in the industry now made her first grown-up investment at the young age of 17. Her first home even though it wasn’t purchased in full, she shares is what made her work harder and learn how to practically invest her money. Heart’s only regret? Not investing sooner. “Start investing on properties while you can still work. Save and invest because it’s just like renting but with investments, you’re putting in your money for the future” she says. “Property is such a different investment than jewelry, especially now we’re all spending our time at home and for sure the price of properties will rise after the pandemic.”


For Heart, here are the top 3 priorities to look for when choosing your home:

Location: “The area I live in now is convenient for everyone. It’s in the middle of where the school of the kids is and it’s also near work,” she says and explains that having a strategic address in the metro means you won’t be wasting time in traffic, giving you more energy and time for your passions, family and friends.

Safety: For obvious reasons, Heart states that not only should your home be convenient but also somewhere you can feel utterly safe and relax.

Trusted Developer: Heart says to do your research first on the developer before choosing your home. “Check if they’re reputable and if their portfolio of work is top-quality.”

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