Heart Evangelista Serves in Gucci Glam for Milan Fashion Week

Heart Evangelista Serves in Gucci Glam for Milan Fashion Week


She killed it with not just one, but two ensembles from the House.

In Gucci’s newest collection, creative director Alessandro Michele tackled the distinction weaved into the concept of coexistence. Making sense of twinship in the Spring-Summer Collection 2023 with actual twins walking down the runway, the message of the pieces rings true: The foundation of connection is in dissecting differences within ourselves and in the world. As Gucci keeps its relevance in today’s fashion era, its opulent finesse remains in every release.

And as individuals who take on different roles in the changing seasons of our lives, our cores stay intact. There will always be a part of us that never changes even when we grow up and older.

Case in point—Heart Evangelista and her love for fashion. From her jelly sandals phase to her Hermes bag-painting era, fashion stays in her life even when people go.

From the mundanity of doing a grocery run to attending a formal event, her ensembles speak true to who she is really is.

In this season’s Milan Fashion Week, Heart continues to show that she can do more and give more—in life and in fashion! And with the help of Gucci, here’s how she channeled two looks courtesy of the Maison.

Glam On The Go

Run your errands, but make sure to run them in style! Whether it’s an alfresco date with her fashion friends Sira Pevida and Alejandro Acero or an emergency grocery trip, Heart always dresses to the nines. She goes all out in Gucci, of course!

For the former point in her agenda, she chose to pair her archive Tom Ford for Gucci satin bra with a high-waisted beige monogram skirt. Topping it all off with her feathered-vest, Heart never leaves us with a casual glam ensemble.

Mixing it up, she wore her Gucci red fur faux coat as she ticked off a quick grocery run on her to-do list.

Glam On A Roll

For her attendance at the Gucci Twinsburg, Heart channeled the event’s theme in her yin and yang-like number—from her brimmed hat to her striped coordinates. Her black and white brimmed hat could transform the whole outfit in just one sideways glance from Heart with its side-by-side design.

Meanwhile, her gray and black number gave off a mirrored situation that almost played an illusion at first glance, accentuating its semi-peplum silhouette of the top. Channeling this whole look sans big, jaw-dropping accessories made the whole look more effortless and natural; equally stunning like her fur moment.

Heart’s look definitely nailed Alessandro Michele’s interpretation of twinship and how seeing double indeeds allows us really do make a double take on things in life.

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