Heart Evangelista’s Favorite Looks From the Louis Vuitton F/W24 Show

Heart Evangelista’s Favorite Looks From the Louis Vuitton F/W24 Show


Heart Evangelista steps foot in the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2024 show, celebrating Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière’s tenth year. Here are her top five looks

Louis Vuitton closes out Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024 in a grand showcase of Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière’s decade-long tenure for the French luxury brand. It was a celebration of unwavering loyalty, one that was shown in a two-way street, from Maison to Man, and vice versa; a relationship simplified and exemplified by an understanding of who the Louis Vuitton woman is. And who is a Louis Vuitton woman? Heart Evangelista, of course.

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Heart Evangelista attends the Louis Vuitton F/W24 show in an oversize zip jacket, dramatic shoulders, and an accent belt cinched at the waist from the Cruise 2024 collection

With her innate sense of style, elevated further by knowledge of the industry, the global style icon captures who the Louis Vuitton woman is—and the Maison welcomes her with open arms and open closets. These are her favorite looks from the Louis Vuitton FW24 show.

The style icon is a new kind of vision in spectacles
She pairs the look with black slingback shoes and the Pico GO-14 bag

Look One

Louis Vuitton F/W24

Blue is the color theme of the collection, adopting the embrace of the cool winter charm. Whether it be pastel or ice, there is a sense of warmness towards one shade in particular, standing out from the rest: cobalt, in all its royal glory. Evangelista’s eye is drawn to a striking cobalt jacket, distinguished by its intriguing silhouette and unconventional details. With its cuts and folds, complemented by a plunging v-neckline, the jacket exudes modern sophistication. Layered over a pristine white sweater, complete with a soft train trailing behind, it creates a juxtaposition of color and texture. Completing the look, a matching skirt crafted from the same fabric and dyed in the same cobalt hue.

Evangelista muses over Look 1, contemplating its significance. “I love the whole reconstructed type cut or structure or tailoring,” she explains, delving into its intricate design. “It’s another piece I would like to have.” Recognizing its potential in her wardrobe, she says, “A puzzle I need for a buildable wardrobe. I would look into using this in multiple ways.” Her imagination was sparked by its adaptability and acknowledged but is contemporary style, “I love how striking the color is. I think it’s super chic, super modern in a sense.”

Look Two

Louis Vuitton F/W24

A seemingly simple cream dress proves to be anything but ordinary, thanks to its striking shoulder detail that imbues it with strength and character. While the design appears clean and understated, it boasts a bold shoulder silhouette. The smooth fabric spills down to the wearer’s thighs, creating an appearance of easy elegance evocative of flowing curtains. Furry hand gloves provide depth and texture to the ensemble, contrasted with the softness of the frock.

Heart Evangelista’s adoration for the second look is evident as she discusses its appeal. “It’s a nice, white, flowy dress, but still in a sense, very structured. ” she begins, lingering on the garment’s ethereal design. Her attention shifts to the gloves, a recurring element in the collection. “It’s the gloves, I’m in love with these. White just strikes me differently,” she observes, a hint of excitement in her voice. With each word, she conveys a sense of effortless elegance, her affection for the ensemble shining through. “It’s such a relaxed dress,” she envisions herself wearing it with ease. “It’s such a carefree dress. This one, I gravitate towards, because it’s something I would definitely wear,” she concludes, her enthusiasm evident. “You got ready, but you didn’t put so much effort because it’s such a beautiful dress.”

Look Three

Louis Vuitton F/W24

No Fall/Winter presentation is truly complete without the comforting embrace of a warm jacket, and for the European-centric division, it’s an absolute necessity. Heart Evangelista selects a printed jacket that serves as the perfect outer layer. From rich browns to creamy whites and classic blacks, with hints of vibrant oranges, the jacket exudes a striking appeal. It is worn over a flowy cream dress, paired with black boots and a classic LV-monogrammed bag.

“This jacket, I can live in,” she declares passionately. “I love how wild and flamboyant it looks. But in a sense, very discreet,” she continues, appreciating its bold and expressive design. She recognizes its subtlety amidst its flashiness. Considering her extensive exposure to the latest collections, she envisions herself enveloped in its fabric, “I love how it seems so light and comfortable to wear after 30 shows this fashion week.” She concludes with determination, “I can conclude this is my favorite piece. And I would definitely figure out how to get my hands on this beautiful jacket.”

Look Four

Louis Vuitton F/W24

Heart Evangelista selects one of the only looks with a bold graphic print and a structured silhouette, infused with a mouth-watering hue reminiscent of a ripe orange. This space-age-themed outfit exudes futurism, complemented by the merging of colors paired with furry hand gloves.

The style icon’s admiration for the fourth look shines through as she reflects on the runway moment. “This dress is very striking on the runway,” she observes. “I love how he was very much inspired by the iconic trunks of Louis Vuitton.” She shifts to the gloves, each a spirited accent against the ensemble. “I also fell in love with the gloves—they had them in multiple colors. It’s such a cute accessory to have, I think it’s super unique.”

Look Five

Louis Vuitton F/W24

Evangelista is drawn to a mesmerizing jacket, with its sheer intricacy and attention to detail making it a sight to behold. It draws the eyes of onlookers and tempts even the most restrained hands to reach out and touch its tactile surface. Layered over a brown sheer shirt adorned with particular lines overlapping one another, and complemented by a shiny, leathery blue skirt, it adds edge and futurism to the overall aesthetic.

Heart Evangelista’s admiration for this look is palpable as she describes it as “dressed up yet casual.” She finds it to embody a sense of nonchalant elegance, a je ne sais quoi quality. “I love the embroidered jacket, I think it’s such a beautiful piece to have in my closet.”

Over the jacket, Hear Evangelista dons graphic cycling shorts that complete the ensemble

Heart Evangelista’s favorite five pieces from the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2024 show demonstrate the convergence of artistry, innovation, and personal style. As Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière marks his tenth year at the helm, the collection honors a decade of uncompromising commitment to the Maison’s concept and the modern quality that it represents for the future.

Images courtesy of LOUIS VUITTON

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