You Have To See Heart Evangelista’s Jewelry Collection With This French Luxury House

You Have To See Heart Evangelista’s Jewelry Collection With This French Luxury House


Following her countless successful collaborations, Heart Evangelista is back with another collection that will surely fascinate you.

You may have probably thought that Heart Evangelista is done with doing brand collaborations. But news flash, she’s far from slowing down. One collaboration after another, it seems like our ever-stylish star makes it a point to always be on the lookout for her next dream project. Lo and behold, she just released another one. Enter Heart Evangelista’s jewelry collection with French luxury house Gas Bijoux.

Heart Evangelista's Jewelry Collection Gas Bijoux

Founded in 1969 on the beaches of Saint-Tropez, Gas Bijoux has a timeless motto: the chic solaire. Perhaps that’s why our favorite style savant easily fell in love with Gas Bijoux. The French Maison’s aesthetic just overflows with such sophistication much like herself.

Heart shared to MEGA that her love for Gas Bijoux started around three or four years ago. Whenever she’s in Paris, she makes sure to pass by their boutique. From there on, it just became an instant and a mutual love affair between the two—all thanks to her Parisian escapades.

But how did this jewelry collaboration come about? Heart explained that it was all because of a heart necklace that she bought from the French Maison that a lot of people liked. “So Gas Bijoux learned about me because of that necklace, and then whenever I’m in Paris I would always visit them,” she added.

And finally, when it was unveiled, Heart together with the Gas Bijoux team impeccably showed how jewelry should be able to emanate such regality regardless of the season. It magnificently married Heart’s sense of creativity and her refined taste to the label’s savoir-faire and solar trademark.

At the onset of the summer season in Europe, two themes are brought to light. According to Gas Bijoux’ website, first is the “Santa Love” creations. Its hard-stone charms are playful hints to the Filipino celebrity’s crushes.

Next is the “Liane Heart” bracelets, hoop earrings and rings, that come adorned with bright green, red or nude brilliants. An array of models that they willingly wanted to compile. In the long run, Heart’s jewelry collection with Gas Bijoux is a brilliant manifestation of a true love story, enlivened by the sun.

Watch Heart Evangelista radiate such beauty wearing Gas Bijoux x Love Marie jewelry below.

The Gas Bijoux x Love Marie jewelry collection will be available soon in Paris and online.

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