Tim Tam Ong Transforms Your Favorite Filipino Heritage Icons Into Jewelry

Tim Tam Ong Transforms Your Favorite Filipino Heritage Icons Into Jewelry


Born with an eye for beauty and an acumen for creativity, Tim Tam Ong recently unveiled a brilliant collection called, “Heirloom.” Having such great passion and love in promoting Filipino culture, she opted to showcase a jewelry line featuring your favorite Filipino heritage icons—from the sorbetero, luksong tinik, to the significance of a Filipino family.



According to Tim Tam, “it’s a tribute to our culture, and since my kids are growing up, I want them to also value the Philippine culture.” She also understood that as today’s generation are missing a lot about our homeland’s heritage, the collection artistically tells a story about the life before the fast-paced digital age we are currently living in.




Her design process is all about her attention to the small details. These designs will successfully tell these beautiful stories and create memories that will be passed on. She said that “it’s in the details that the beauty of the piece lives. I take time to reflect if what I am creating is something that could touch someone… something that someone can cherish or even give to the next generation as an heirloom. Through this, the next generation can also appreciate handcrafted things even with the surge of technology.”


Keeping that philosophy in mind, she was able to successfully incorporate nature’s artworks in the form of local raw materials (carabao horn, mother of pearl, and pearls) exclusively found in the Philippines to be the catalyst for her design inspirations.


“Each piece is exceptional but cohesive to the theme of the entire collection,” Tim Tam explained. She also shared that she oftentimes has to dwell upon the perfected design for days, months, even years until she feels she has created the ideal piece. After all, the most important thing in her creative process in jewelry design should form stories that tease the mind and taunt the senses.

Swipe left below to see the rest of her collection:

Discover more of the Heirloom collection exclusively at Tim Tam Ong’s boutique at R2 Level Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center. Follow her on Instagram @timtamongpage for more of her designs.

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