Here Are 5 Local Brands Beloved By Yassi And Issa Pressman’s Squad

Here Are 5 Local Brands Beloved By Yassi And Issa Pressman’s Squad


Yassi and Issa Pressman’s squad sure know their way around fashion. Find out which local brands they are sporting and supporting.

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The thing about Yassi and Issa Pressman’s squad is that they’re all overly talented in their own way. Issa is an entrepreneur, creative director, and everything in between. On the other hand, Yassi is a well known actress. Their friends, Keiko Nakajima, Elan Virata, and Ajah Favour, are all part of the creatives and entertainment industry as well. Keiko is a Hiphop Dance Champion, Elan is a videographer, while Ajah is a photographer. Together they make up the ultimate girl gang that create content together, work together, and go through memories together.

Aside from this, each of them have been recognized by the public for their own individual aesthetics. None of them have completely similar styles, but collectively, they all work. To make things even better, each of the girls has been supporting homegrown businesses since day one. Here are some of the local brands that they love.

Issa Pressman and Blackbough Swim

Swimwear brand, Blackbough, is a homegrown brand by Filipina, Jemina Ty. Issa Pressman has been seen wearing Blackbough pieces for more than a year now. After a long and harmonious relationship with the brand, they finally decided to collaborate in creating Issa’s own collection of Blackbough swimwear.

Where can you find it? You can check out Blackbough Swim here.

Elena Virata and Penny Pairs

Jewelry brand, Penny Pairs, is run by Cam Jimenez. Resident creative, Elena Virata not only has a close relationship with the brand, but it’s owner as well. She loves supporting her friends by purchasing and wearing their merchandise.

Where can you find it? You can check out Penny Pairs here.

Ajah Favour and Loic Official

Shoe brand, Loic Official, is the one stop shop for homme girls. This is why we think Ajah’s collaborative support for them is the perfect creative pairing. The young photographer fervently admires their footwear as you can see her wearing them regularly.

Where can you find it? You can check out Loic Official here.

Yassi Pressman and Élan Wear

Clothing brand, Élan Wear, is a homegrown brand by TikTok star, Pamela Andres. Yassi’s relationship with both Sofia and Pamela Andres is a plus to her support for the new brand. She can be seen doing a few TikToks here and there while wearing Élan.

Where can you find it? You can check out Élan Wear here.

Keiko Nakajima and RIOtaso Clothing

Sustainable clothing brand, RIOtaso Clothing, is managed by Rio Estuar. Keiko loves supporting sustainable brands. That’s why she’s been seen wearing RIOtaso Clothing multiple times now. The overall aesthetic of RIOtaso perfectly fits with Keiko’s energetic personality.

Where can you find it? You can check out RIOtaso Clothing here.

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