Here Are 5 Local Skincare Brands To Watch Out For

Here Are 5 Local Skincare Brands To Watch Out For


Are you on the lookout for new local skincare brands to stan? We’ve found 5 brands that are making a difference in the local skincare industry.

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The thing about skincare is it changes over time. You’ll notice that the products that used to work for you suddenly don’t. Don’t worry! That’s only natural. According to San Francisco skin-care specialist, Kristina Holey, “Beauty routines are an opportunity to notice changes within yourself.” And, as we all know, we go through a lot of changes in life. More so, these changes in environment and lifestyle have a direct impact on our complexions. That’s why it’s important to be open-minded enough to opening your skincare holy grail to rising local brands. We’ve found 5 homegrown skincare brands that not only work, but have created an empowering community of women who are learning to love their skins. Each of these brands have their own advocacies and products, yet they all serve the same purpose: to normalize self-love and skincare here in the Philippines. How can you not get behind that?

Disenyo del Sur
BLANK CANVAS: Self care with soul
The founders of Disenyo del Sur have created a wellness concept that aims to redefine our daily routines significantly. In BLANK CANVAS, they recognize that It is an investment in self that paves the way for a more vibrant experience everyday living.
Our Recommendation: The BLANK CANVAS Beauty Oil (PHP 1,000)

Fresh Formula
Healthy skin that feels like you
Fresh Formula has been around for quite some time, but the brand has been making great strides recently after their real skin campaign. They have started to showcase real skincare problems everyone faces, such as: hairy faces, acne outbreaks, large pores, and dry skin.
Our Recommendation: Fresh Formula’s Daily Defense Fix & Finish Oil Control Face Mist (PHP 249)

Dear Face
Skincare is self-care
Dear Face’s founder, Jonah Sison, is also the founder of Skin Potions. She started her skincare businesses because she has experienced troubles with her skin in the past. After learning the chemistry behind skincare, she found her purpose through her struggles and created amazing products that help girls who were in her situation.
Our Recommendation: Dear Face’s Radiance Toner (PHP 120)

Sustainable skincare that’s mindful of you and mama Earth
Looking for a local brand that empowers women and cares about their carbon footprint? LANA is the place for you. The brand has been continuously trying to improve their products and packaging to give you the best formulas in the most sustainable way.
Our Recommendation: LANA’s DNA Repair Elixir 2 bottles of 20ml (PHP 999)

The Unbranded Skincare Co.
Clean & Simple Skincare
This brand believes that good skin is the first step in achieving your favorite makeup looks. It’s all about skinimalism. Sometimes, less is definitely more in the skincare business. They offer a variety of no-fuss products that get the job done. In skincare, that’s all you really need!
Our Recommendation: The Unbranded Day Shield (PHP 750)

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