Here Are The 69th Miss Universe Runners Up

Here Are The 69th Miss Universe Runners Up


Beautiful women all over the world raised their voices for various social issues in the 69th Miss Universe.

Finally, the candidates can finally breathe as the 69th Miss Universe has come to an end. This may have been one of the most unpredictable season of the prestigious pageant. For the past months, there were consecutive articles and polls about this year’s favorites. Miss Thailand and Miss Philippines were early favorites, but none of them made it to Top 5.

A lot of people are expecting that Asians will have a victorious year in Miss Universe, because of the issues about Asian hate in the West, and protests in some Asian countries like Myanmar. Despite all the support, they were not enough for the Asian candidates to reign high in the end. Instead, the Latinas who dominated the top five, with Miss India as the only one from Asia.

Among the top 5, only one made it from the Asian continent and that is Miss India. Many Filipinos supported her because because of her intelligence, poise and beauty. According to veteran pageantologist Jeff Fernando, Miss India is the “complete Miss Universe package” in terms of beauty and relevance to the times.

There may be a mixed of reactions all over social media about the candidates who made it to the very end, but everyone earned their places and had important issues to raise. Here are the runners up of the 69th Miss Universe.

1st Runner Up

The First Runner Up who put up a strong fight is Brazilian stunner Julia Gama.

Miss Brazil. Photo from Fotografia.

Julia was also an international ambassador for leprosy six years ago and is an activist in India, China, Europe and Brazil.

2nd Runner Up

The Second Runner Up was a fan favorite, Janick Maceta, Miss Peru.

Miss Peru. Photo from Telemundo.

She’s also the co-founder of the Top of New York Music (TONY) movement that aims to support aspiring young musicians. 

3rd Runner Up

Another fan-favorite who ended up as Third Runner Up is India’s Adline Castelino who has collaborated with SNEHA organization, which provides affordable healthcare to women. She works with Vikaas Sahyog Pratishtan, which helps deprived rural communities in India. 

Miss India. Photo from The Great Pageant Community.

Even if she didn’t win the competition, her answer won our hearts.

4th Runner Up

The last is Dominican Republic’s Kimberly Jimenez who is also a founding member of the Dominican Republic Women’s Club, an institution dedicated to providing services to women with breast cancer. 

Miss Dominican Republic. Photo from Missosology.


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