ICYMI: Here’s What Went Down at the First Lazada Run PH 

ICYMI: Here’s What Went Down at the First Lazada Run PH 


In celebrating the journey to fitness, the first-ever Lazada Run in the Philippines welcomed sports enthusiasts, families and communities with a passion for sports for a fun-filled morning of exhilarating races and exciting games

Running a marathon is an extraordinary experience that can inspire us to keep moving forward. At the starting line, we look ahead, determined to finish. As the gun fires, we rush to position ourselves for the top spot. 

As more and more people ride on the wave of marathons, Lazada continually empowers Filipinos by encouraging them to add fitness to their lives. By listening to how we value our health and wellness, they deliver our everyday needs at unbeatable speed with a wide assortment of quality fitness apparel, workout gear, healthy products, and LazBeauty items at the best prices, perfect for active lifestyles.

Lazada Run PH 
With great smiles, runners raced to the finish line

To help more Filipinos chase the rush, the first Lazada Run in the Philippines was held at the SM MOA Grounds, where more than 11,000 fitness enthusiasts, celebrities, influencers, family and community members of all ages came together in a one-of-a-kind experience.

On your marks

“At Lazada we believe that when you add something to your cart, you add something to your life,” Marcus Chew, Lazada’s Group Chief Marketing Officer, shared with MEGA Active. ” My belief is that an active mind can only exist on an active body. To support you, we make sure you can find anything you’ll need for your fitness journey. Whenever they need anything, from nutrition all the way to apparels and beauty products like sunscreen–have our platform to support them.”

Lazada's Chief Marketing Officer, Marcus Chew, showed off his 21km medal with a smile in Lazada Run PH 
Lazada’s Chief Marketing Officer, Marcus Chew, showed off his 21km medal with a smile

Registration for the event began in April, with many categories: 1km Kids’ Run, 5km, 10km, and 21km. Participants also received a race kit containing a race singlet, finisher tee for 21km, drawstring bag, runner’s bib, and a race medal. After much anticipation, the race village finally opened its doors on Sunday, July 2, at 2:00 a.m.

Lazada Run PH 
The race village welcomed more than 11,000 fitness enthusiasts with various mini-games and fun activities

Aside from the main races, Lazada also mounted a Delivery Dash, where participants had to run faster for bigger rewards. They would begin at the delivery point and stack the Lazada boxes with printed images of items. After stacking, they’d have to overcome the obstacles while carrying their chosen package. In the spirit of competition, beating the time limit meant winning the box they wanted.

Lazada’s special guests were welcomed at the LazBeauty Club x Lazada Run tent, where they enjoyed sumptuous snacks and participated in games with special beauty prizes. LazBeauty Club members are also eligible for exclusive perks and discounts, by signing up here, you, too can experience this!

Meanwhile, those who stayed home caught the morning rush of events on LazLive via Lazada’s app.

Get set

The first category to start that morning was the 21km, followed by the 10km, and later one of the most exciting races of the day: the 5km run, where Lazada’s brand ambassadors like MEGA Active February cover star Anne Curtis, Alden Richards and Mimiyuuuh also joined the race. At the satellite stage of the assembly area for the 5km run, these personalities along with actress and LazBeauty ambassador Gabbi Garcia excited the crowd.

Lazada Run PH Anne Curtis
Anne Curtis joined the 5km race, sharing her passion for marathons with fellow runners

“We’re so excited to be here and feel right at home. I’m also a runner, but it’s been [so long] since I did my last run,” Anne Curtis said with a smile. “So slow pace lang tayo, but I’m so happy we’re all here to support Lazada.”

As Lazada wholeheartedly supports everyone’s wellness, these celebrities shared what fitness essentials they’ve recently added to their carts. Anne mentioned that she bought her running watch and headphones on Lazada. For Mimiyuuuh, it’s vitamins. “Kasi aside from being fit, it’s also important to take care of yourself from within.”

Meanwhile, Gabbi Garcia noted that it’s the sunblock for her. “It gets hot, so kailangan ng protection from the sun.”

Alden Richards in Lazada Run PH 
With a proud look, Alden Richards showcased his strength by finishing the 5km run

“Recently, I’ve been into crossfit,” Alden imparted. “So [I bought] crossfit gears like ‘yung belt, long socks, and gloves.”


Lazada Run PH 
As the gunshot was fired, participants took off in their best running forms

The runners met the running vouchers in the middle of the run—pacers with coupons sticking around their bodies. Many participants took these vouchers and happily sped off to the finish line at the corner of Bayshore Avenue. Awarded with medals, the runners felt like they were on cloud nine, and there was nothing like the runner’s high—the mood-boosting, exhilarating sensation after a satisfying race. 

Celebrity sisters Angelina and Sam Cruz, both who crushed the 5km run, excitingly shared how fun and rewarding it was with MEGA Active. The LazBeauty ambassador Angelina mentioned how she prepared for her race: “I made sure to get a good amount of sleep because I’m not used to waking up at 4 a.m. So get a lot of sleep, drink water, and use SPF [sunscreen that you can also get on Lazada].”

Angelina Cruz and Sam Cruz in the Lazada Run PH 
For sisters Angelina and Sam, preparing for the race is essential to reaching the finish line

As for Sam, it was all about eating right. “I prepared for the run by eating well the night before. And today’s Lazada Run is the perfect platform to promote physical health since it’s nice to run and practice cardio once in a while.”

Cassy Legaspi in the Lazada Run PH 
Emerging in victory, Cassy Legaspi shows off her 5km medal

Actress Cassy Legaspi was also in attendance, gracefully smiling after the 5km race. “I entered this race super nervous, as in I wasn’t sure if I could complete the race. But everyone here is so hyped to finish the race, so I should, too.”

Lazada Run PH top finishers
The race’s top finishers were awarded cash prizes, and 10km and 21km winners would get the chance to compete during the finale run in Singapore

To end the fun-filled morning with more than 11,000 strong runners, the band Mayonnaise performed many top hit songs like “Jopay” and “Tayo Na Lang Dalawa” for the crowd.

With Lazada, the fun never stops. This July 7-11, you can keep adding to cart and enjoying extra savings with the Lazada 7.7 Super Savers Sale. Treat yourselves to small indulgences through LazBeauty, LazLook, and check out electronics and gadgets at the best prices to keep your own fitness journey going.

Check out their Facebook page for more news and updates on the next Lazada Run PH. Find all your fitness and beauty essentials on Lazada, your one-stop shop for your everyday needs. You may also visit their Facebook and Instagram pages to score vouchers and grab the recent cult favorites.

Art Direction by BRIANNA DE GUZMAN
Photography by KIERAN PUNAY
Videography by KIM ANGELA SANTOS

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