Here's How to Ace your Travel Photos like Kisses Delavin

Here's How to Ace your Travel Photos like Kisses Delavin


With more than one million followers on Instagram, MEGA March cover girl Kisses Delavin has probably mastered the selfie game.  As Kisses flew to Czech Republic, she never missed the opportunity to take photos in the picturesque country.
Here’s how you can achieve those double-tap worthy #MEGAVivoMoments like Kisses powered by Vivo Smartphone!

1. Take selfies with stunning sceneries as the background

A great way to document your travel is by talking your own selfie with a famous landmark so you can never forget this surreal moment. Like Kisses, her trademark sweet smile perfectly complements the beauty of Prague.

2. Candid shots can give your photos a whole new life

It’s a beautiful life.. 📸: @markednicdao #MakingMegaWithKissesDelavin

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One the charms of a candid photo are that it catches someone right in the moment. It gives a fuller story and life to images. Just like in Kisses’ photo, it captures her living and enjoying the splendor of life.

3. Of course, get an OOTD photo

You know the drill. Any Instagram feed won’t be complete without an OOTD photo. In a fashion-filled escapade like Making MEGA, a classic outfit shot may actually be considered an essential. Take advantage of the place’s unique sceneries to make your photo standout from the rest. It is also a great way to show off your personal style and wear your best ensemble.

4. Try something fun

🕊🕊🕊 #MakingMegaWithKissesDelavin

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Aside from taking selfies and travel photos, why not try to do something quirky and different? Take cues from Kisses as she tried to catch a pigeon along the quaint streets of Prague. The young star made it more fun as she captured it in slow motion. It truly resonates her bubbly personality.

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