Here’s How PICC Continues To Envision Art With Fashion Designer Sassa Jimenez

Here’s How PICC Continues To Envision Art With Fashion Designer Sassa Jimenez


Asia’s first international convention center continues to bring art in the spotlight on a collaboration with fashion designer Sassa Jimenez.

As one of the earliest spaces to host the grandest events in the country, the Philippine International Convention Center once again brings the art scene to the forefront in the Philippines. Playing host to luminaries, the PICC has seen the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, Josh Groban, and Janet Jackson grace its hallowed halls with their representations of art.

From when we used to be a kid until now, we witnessed several cultural events take place at the PICC. Walking through the architectural stronghold, the sleek interiors prove how PICC itself is a work of art. The PICC also houses the works of National Artists Jose Joya, Arturo Luz, Napoleon Abueva, H.R. Ocampo, Abdulmari Imao, and Ang Kiukok. Fashion, being a revered art form itself has found its place in the PICC. Recently, Sassa Jimenez showcased how her inventive and whimsical pieces complements PICC well with the direction of Adrian Calumpang and crwn’s scoring.

Flaunting her timeless collection, Sassa proves how there could be no other perfect setting for her collection than the PICC. Recognized for her unique and imaginative creations, her quintessential ruffled pieces goes well with the theatrical ambiance of the convention center.

Watch the anniversary collection film of Sassa Jimenez here:

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