Here’s How These 3 Menswear Designers Interpreted This Year’s MEGA Ball Theme

Here’s How These 3 Menswear Designers Interpreted This Year’s MEGA Ball Theme


In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, these three menswear designers shared their artistic interpretation of tonight’s theme 

The center stage of any fashion event undoubtedly falls on the remarkable ensembles that grace the carpet, captivating the attention of all in attendance. Prior to seeing this breathtaking fusion of art and fashion tonight, MEGA Man talked to three designers to get an intimate glimpse into their unique creative processes and the exquisite pieces they have prepared for the fashion-forward men who attended. While their crafted masterpieces are undoubtedly impeccable, let’s shine a spotlight on these stars in the world of menswear design.

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Ryan Chris

Ryan Chris designer mega ball

Renowned for his appealing sartorial ensembles, Ryan Chris presented his artistic ingenuity this evening as he dressed the Ang Huling El Bimbo star, Anthony Rosaldo. While he can already be considered a seasoned attendee of fashion galas, Ryan was still overjoyed when Anthony extended an invitation to craft his look for the upcoming ball.

Although a timeless suit shape is certainly a wardrobe staple, tonight, the designer dared to push the boundaries of his creative vision by showing off a new silhouette. For Ryan, this ensemble exemplifies the notion that fashion is synonymous with art—boundless, vibrant, and bold.

Ryan Chris designer mega ball

Ryan hopes to encourage a daring approach to menswear, urging gentlemen to explore uncharted territory when it comes to suiting up. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of traditional silhouettes or staying ahead of the curve with the latest trends, a new generation of dapper gents is unafraid to embrace a modern aesthetic.

Ellis Co

Ellis Co .archives mega ball

Ellis Co of .ARCHIVES shared that he was beyond excited when he was approached by DJ Nix Damn P to be his menswear designer for this year’s MEGA ball. According to Ellis, Nix Damn P perfectly embodies what .ARCHIVES stands for, making it an obvious choice for collaboration.

In a custom .ARCHIVES ensemble, Ellis revealed that their collaboration was a showcase of their combined artistic talents. When asked about their interpretation of tonight’s theme, Ellis mentioned that he infused Nix’s creative vision into the design while remaining faithful to the brand’s core. He said that wanted to showcase some new experimental cuts and silhouettes, as that is what .ARCHIVES is known for.

Nix Damn P MEGA ball 2023

Ellis also discussed his desire to break barriers and push the boundaries of genderless fashion even further. “I dress myself however I want, beyond the separation of male and female racks. We’re hoping the same philosophy comes across with our pieces,” he added. 

Santi Obcena

Santi Obcena designer mega ball 2023

Another talented menswear designer who gave an exciting fashion entrance at this year’s MEGA event with his creations is Santi Obcena. He dressed Topper Fabregas, the head instructor of Saddle Row and a founding member of the Red Turnip Theater. Santi expressed his joy and pride in adorning his fellow artists, making this opportunity even more special for him.

Although Santi’s selection for Topper is an archival piece, it still embodies the essence of his studio’s signature style and enduring vision. The ensemble exquisitely celebrates the rich tapestry of Filipino fashion by seamlessly weaving in indigenous motifs and patterns while maintaining a boundary-pushing aesthetic. Tonight, we saw the designer’s SALASAG (Sagisag x Kalasag) terno jacket, featuring an intricate weave and ink patterns that have been transformed into exquisite embroidery. Santi’s interpretation of the Ouroboros, symbolizing rebirth and artistic creativity, was also prominently featured in the design.

Topper Fabregas MEGA ball 2023

Santi’s hope for men’s fashion is to witness an array of experimentation and an end to outdated limitations. Amidst the current wave of inclusivity, he envisions a sartorial landscape where men boldly experiment with a more diverse palette of hues, avant-garde shapes, and cutting-edge textiles.

Photos: RYAN CHRIS, ELLIS CO, and SANTI OBCENA (via Instagram)

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