Here's How To Avoid Straying From Your New Year's Resolutions

Here's How To Avoid Straying From Your New Year's Resolutions


How has the new year been treating you so far? It is a little over a week into 2018, and while this may sound a little too soon to check in on your resolutions, it is actually the perfect time to avoid straying from them.

Admit it: many of us are used to simply jotting our resolutions down, and forgetting about them as the year progresses. Why do we do this?

According to Molly Mahar, writer and founder of the self-help website Stratejoy, it all boils down to one thing: not being clear why we set a specific goal for ourselves. “If our goals aren’t rooted or connected to a deep desire, it makes it nearly impossible for us to stay consistent and dedicated to them over time. Just ‘getting in shape’ or ‘being more patient’ or ‘earning a promotion’ won’t motivate you when things get hard—you need to know why you want it,” she shares.

This actually makes a lot of sense. Mindlessly listing down our goals without a deeper meaning to them can be easier to forget by the time the buzz from New Year has died down.

In addition to this, Mahar also recommends setting up a list of ways in which you will be able to track your goals. Ask yourself what works best for you — is it a weekly or monthly evaluation with yourself? A trusted friend who will motivate you? A journal or planner that you write to at the end of each day?

Whatever your system is, it is important to remember this: we aren’t perfect. And because we will most likely make a few mistakes along the way, it is always best to be forgiving and patient with ourselves.

Good luck!

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