Here’s How We Can Overcome Hard Times Like Moira Dela Torre

Here’s How We Can Overcome Hard Times Like Moira Dela Torre


Paubaya was just a song written and performed by Moira Dela Torre. Until it became her story.

By now, we already know the story. We have seen the posts and the news. Some of us might have also shared our take on what happened and what we thought of the situation.

A lot were shocked, confused, and experienced secondhand heartbreak when the news broke about the separation of singer-songwriter Moira and Jason Hernandez through a post by the latter in his social media pages.

So much has been said about what happened that even Moira voiced out her own statement.

All of us may have had our fair share of pain, loss, and heartbreak. We, too, have our own ways of coping with our feels. Some of us prefer to enjoy solitary moments while others bury themselves in the business of commitments. For others, they just need to keep going to live through it all.

We have our own formula when it comes to healing, but here’s how we can deal with difficult times just like Moira.

Move on by showing up as you are.

In her recent interview with Magandang Buhay, Moira shares that going to work helped her ease the pain that she was feeling. Being surrounded by the cast and crew of Idol Philippines lifted her spirits up.

I showed up at work. I turned my work mode one. […] Suddenly, the strength of Mama Reg (Regine Velasquez), Tito Gary (Valenciano), and the whole staff…was just there.

Of course, those who want to take the time off from interacting with peers and colleagues can take a break to collect the pieces of themselves. There is no formula or rule book to recover from a heartbreak.

But just remember—you still have yourself at the end of the day. This may now be the time focus on shaping your individuality and honing your skills.

Surround yourself with people you can rely on.

Never underestimate the power of presence during your saddest moments. Comfort can come in the form of family, friends, and even strangers! So, if you’re bestie suddenly invites you for dinner—go say yes. Been missing the company of your family? Join that out of town trip!

Just like Moira, relish your times with the people you love. By now, we already know that the singer-songwriter is practically a member of the Barretto family. Moira was all smiles in her snap with Marjorie Barretto, who celebrated her birthday that night.

Photo Credit: @marjbarretto

Take your time to heal.

“Pwede pala magsabay ang grieving at healing. Parte pala ng grieving yung healing.”

There is no shortcut or cheat code for moving on. It’s something that we all deal with in our own pace. In these times of your life, feel what you have to feel. Cry in the shower or watch tearjerker movies. You can also find a new hobby, or rediscover a skill you’ve shelved for a long time.

With loss comes a weight lifted off of your shoulders and a form of freedom to find and love yourself. One day, the loss will be a memory that you can look back on and a lesson that you’ve learned from.

In Moira’s words, “God makes all things beautiful in His time.”

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