Here’s How You Can Celebrate Your Next Birthday Like Kathryn Bernardo!

Here’s How You Can Celebrate Your Next Birthday Like Kathryn Bernardo!


There is something about the sea that Kathryn loves, and this is evident in her birthdays celebrated at the beach. In an interview last 2020, she even mentioned that her dream wedding will be an intimate one held at the beach. From Amanpulo to Siargao, she and beau Daniel Padilla have been ticking off beaches in the country one by one. In her 26th birthday last March, she even took her group of friends with them and had a fun El Nido getaway.

After almost two years of gatherings held in virtual meeting places, people can now slowly hold events with lesser restrictions. More people are spotted in airports and going back to their favorite local and even international destinations.

If you’re just about to turn a year older and want to level up from the bash hiatus, here are some things that you can copy from Kathryn Bernardo’s celebration to elevate your own!

Choose your destination wisely.

Whether it’s at home or a travel destination for you and your guests, make sure it reflects your personality as the celebrant. You can spice a simple place up with other things such as the design and the choice of entertainment; the important thing is that you and your guests have a good time. Of course, don’t forget to factor in the cost of your renting of the space or the ticket price of your destination, too! If you have the budget to whisk your friends away to another island, then go do you, sis!

Prepare a good feast.

Filipinos love eating during gatherings, and you don’t want to spoil your guests’ enjoyment without serving them good food and beverages! You can ask the partygoers ahead of time if they have food allergies to avoid any accidents during the event. In Kathryn’s case, she had a modified boodle fight to match the ocean view.

Be specific with the theme or motif.

If you want to stand out as the celebrant, make sure that your outfits are in contrast with the guests’. Let them know through their invites to wear pastels or light nudes if you’re wearing an LBD. Or if you want you and your friends to be color-coordinated, just inform them of the color or shade. Whether you stand out or blend in, this play with colors will look good in pictures; just look at the trio Aries celebrants Kathryn, Alora Sasam, and Ria Atayde in their color-coordinated ensembles!

Remember the good times with creative shots.

One of Kathryn’s guests and dear friends, Joshua Garcia, took film photos of their crew in their El Nido getaway. In his photography account, he shared some of their memories. This film camera trend has been going in weddings and other gatherings with guests given a disposable cameras to take their own shots during the event. The good thing about this is the outcome of the photo may surprise you, unlike our digital cameras and phone cameras where photos can instantly be seen and edited with filters.

If you have the budget for this type of memory keeping, then this way of solidifying memories will surely add flair to your celebration! Some people opt for photo booths or aesthetically pleasing areas to have an Instagram-worthy shot of the event. You do you, it’s your party anyway!

At the end of the day, birthdays are well spent with the company of people you love and care about. Simple or grand, what matters most is you get to turn a new chapter in your book of life!

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