Here’s How You Can Make Anything Possible With a Spritz of This New Bulgari Luxury Fragrance Collection

Here’s How You Can Make Anything Possible With a Spritz of This New Bulgari Luxury Fragrance Collection


Transform ordinary days into bursts of faith, trust, and a little bit of fragrance puff with the new scents of Bulgari Rose Goldea Blossom Delight

Every woman has a desire to make their wishes come true, aiming to restore the thrill of mundane moments by creating adventure every minute of it. While optimism and an innate sense of curiosity isn’t far from being human, having a trusty companion to announce your shimmering presence in the area would do wonders for motivating you to turn your dreams into reality. 

Our sense of scent is powerful enough to induce emotions, giving association to feelings of joy, determination, and confidence, similar to a rosebud blossoming, arranging its petals carefully to signify an effervescent glow. To commemorate the possibilities of a brighter future for all dreaming women, Bulgari presents you with its new blossoming Bulgari Rose Goldea Blossom Delight collection. 

Everyday is a scent to remember

The first Rose Goldea fragrance was launched in 2016, known for its floral woody musk scent that stimulates memories of blossoms topped with a bouquet of handpicked roses and basket of pomegranates. The willowy scent of the collection brought forth the inspiration for the newly-launched Bulgari Rose Goldea Blossom delight, consisting of the multi-faceted youthful radiance of the Eau de Parfum and the delicate velvety freshness of the Eau de Toilette. 

As women who are constantly on the move to make everyday an ideal day, influencers Ira Oyco and Tricia Gosingtian swear by the collection’s nostalgic fragrance, bringing forth wonderful memories of yesterday, motivation for today, and an inspiration for a better and brighter tomorrow. 

As a mother who is always on-the-go, seeking beauty and capturing every family moment with a reflection of wonder, Tricia Gosingtian believes that the perfume’s fragrance has become a staple in her quest to preserve memories with emotional photos. “A rose doesn’t bloom all year round, but when it does, no matter how short it is, it’s always magical,” Tricia commented, relating her inspiration to the fragrance. “It is when I extend this light, luminous energy to myself that I am able to treat everything and everyone around me without the baggage of expectations.”

In Ira’s case, her love for fashion was further accentuated by the fragrance, as it fits into her personality and aesthetic. Ira even mentioned that Bulgari became a reflection of her life’s vision. “Many years ago, I did not have any clear plans on what I was supposed to do with my life.  I had no vision,” Ira shared. “But one day, I just had to guts to do something that made me happy, along with all the risk that came with it. I started a very small online business that just made me so happy. 12 years later, here I am still doing the things I most love.”

For women who aim to turn the ordinary into a unique experience, the new Bulgari Rose Goldea Delight fragrances are your own personal fairy godmother, giving you the shimmer of confidence, a glow of beauty, and a taste of life’s greatest blessings. 

Order your own perfume today by checking out the Bulgari Rose Goldea Delight online and bask in the afterglow of a freshly-bloomed rose for added optimism and luxury. 

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