Here's What Went Down At The #MakingMegainGermany Premiere!

Here's What Went Down At The #MakingMegainGermany Premiere!


To celebrate their first international cover shoot and their #MakingMEGAinGermany documentary, a launch party was held at SM Aura with teen love team Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber last night. Here’s what went down:

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Hosted by the gorgeous Laura Lehmann (who also happens to star in #MakingMegaAustraliaWithBYS with fellow cover girl Kiana Valenciano), the night was one for the books. After showing clips of past #MakingMEGA documentaries, MEGA’s Editor-in-Chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro was called on stage for her opening remarks.
Here's What Went Down At The #MakingMegainGermany Premiere!
Soon, it was time for the month’s cover stars to have their moment. Clad in romantic and royal ensembles that mirrored the theme of their cover shoot, Maymay and Edward looked like a real-life princess and prince. The two seemed more than excited to share their experiences through the documentary.
Here's What Went Down At The #MakingMegainGermany Premiere!
Set in Frankfurt and Heidelberg, #MakingMEGAinGermany covered a range of experiences for the stars and the #MakingMEGA team. While there were moments of triumph and the exhilaration from exploring a foreign country, there were also a fair share of challenges, from the difficulty with shooting in Germany’s cold climate to scouting locations for their shoots. In the end, however, these obstacles were all handled with grace, with everyone sharing a lesson or two afterwards.
In the middle of the documentary, there were also clips from the upcoming #MakingMegaAustraliaWithBYS, starring it girls Laura and Kiana, as mentioned earlier. We saw the girls having the time of their lives and soaking up the sun in the land down under.

Here's What Went Down At The #MakingMegainGermany Premiere!
The Entire Team Behind the #MakingMegawithMayward

Afterwards, fans flocked towards Mayward and the #MakingMEGA team, as there was a book signing of the exclusive hardbound edition of MEGA’s February 2018 issue with never-before-seen photos of the love team.
Here's What Went Down At The #MakingMegainGermany Premiere!
It truly was a night to remember. We can only say that both on and off-screen, both Maymay and Edward are growing to be the stars they were meant to be.

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