Here's What Happens When You Try Indoor Cycling For The First Time

Here's What Happens When You Try Indoor Cycling For The First Time


By now you’ve probably heard of Electric Studio—whether it is through friends who talk nonstop about how enjoyable indoor cycling is or through photos popping up all over your feed. Last month, they opened a new branch at the newly renovated Podium Mall in Ortigas, and we were invited to celebrate with them.
Initially, I was doubtful that cycling was for me. As someone who is used to moving around freely when working out (with running and boxing as my go-to workouts), I had no idea what to expect from a 45-minute indoor cycling class. Will our feet be glued to the bike the entire time? What type of movements will we be doing? Am I going to come out alive? Why does everyone on my Instagram feed seem to appear so happy after every session? A number of questions swirled around in my head and I simply had no choice but to answer them by trying it out myself.

It turns out that you barely sit on the bike the entire time. Challenging but definitely a lot of fun, each session consists of a number of cardio movements that target different muscle groups, weights and resistance training. It was tiring, but I didn’t die, as my over-imaginative mind expected me to. What definitely pushed me was the music, the motivational instructors and that feeling of competitiveness with yourself to give your all. You will definitely be pushed to give your best, but of course, it is important to know your body and your limits as well.

The next day, my legs were sore, but not sore enough to prevent me from giving it another shot. It turns out that the “fun” factor of every session is a big part of what kept me coming back—think of it as partying, but with a lot more sweating (LOL). “I find cycling addicting; I think of it as a healthy alternative to partying,” a friend told me once, and after trying it out, I saw that she had a point.
Electric Studio’s rides are also divided into four variations that differ in intensity: Jumpstart, Pure Electric, Power Hour and Electronic Endurance. Depending on your instructor for the day, each class has a different energy to it—from the latest hits to themed rides that feature a certain artist. Because each class also requires a lot of energy, you’re likely to burn at least 400-600 rides per ride!

After a few weeks of trying it out, I definitely felt stronger and more energetic, ready to take on the day. So, if you’re looking for a workout that doesn’t totally feel like a workout, you should definitely give indoor cycling a try!
For more information on their classes, visit or follow them on social media at @teamelectricph.

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