Here’s What These Celebrities Wore to the GMA Gala

Here’s What These Celebrities Wore to the GMA Gala


The GMA Gala was a spectacle of elegance, style, and glamour as the celebrities flaunted their stunning outfits and accessories

From daring ensembles that evoked the allure of the ocean’s mystique to timeless classics that embodied the essence of Hollywood glamour, the celebrities certainly left a lasting impression. As the Kapuso personalities of GMA Network came together to celebrate their achievements and partnerships at the GMA Gala, they definitely showcased their remarkable sense of style.

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Gabbi Garcia

Gabbi Garcia GMA Gala 2023

Gabbi confidently embraced the night’s festivities with a striking Martin Bautista ensemble that perfectly balanced allure and elegance. The captivating net top adorned with delicate seashells created a play of light and shadow. Paired with a floor-length fringe skirt, her look became a delightful fusion of oceanic whimsy and glamorous extravagance, enchanting everyone with its ethereal motion.

Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista GMA Gala 2023

Heart-couture! The fashionista wore a special Schiaparelli couture piece capturing the essence of oceanic wonder. The shell-bra top gracefully adorned her figure with sophistication, while the square-cut patterns of seashell embellishments along the hem added a luminous glimmer to her ensemble. With each step, the delicate swaying of the shells whispered a soft ocean melody, making Heart a true embodiment of elegance inspired by the sea.

Bianca Umali

Bianca Umali GMA Gala 2023

Structured in a column dress silhouette by Jose San Antonio, Bianca shone like a star in the night sky. The tiny, dazzling embellishments adorned every inch of her gown, catching the light with celestial radiance. Meanwhile, her sleek black hair and understated makeup enhanced her golden goddess persona, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and charm.

Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera GMA Gala 2023
Photo: MARIAN RIVERA (via Instagram)

Marian descended like a celestial being from the heavens in a creation by designer Danielle Frankel. The soft fall of the fabric gracefully embraced her figure, evoking the gentle flow of waterfalls cascading to hidden lagoons. The intricate details of white flowers added a touch of heavenly charm, mirroring the blossoms of paradise streams. As she glided, she left an enchanting trail of purity and tranquility.

Glaiza De Castro

Glaiza De Castro GMA Gala

Glaiza graced the occasion in a mesmerizing long, gold off-shoulder dress. Her radiant charm, accented by dazzling gold earrings, made her a true epitome of beauty and grace. The sophisticated gold clutch in her hand complemented her poised demeanor, captivating every gaze with unwavering confidence.

Michelle Dee

Michelle Dee GMA Gala 2023

Michelle made an awe-inspiring entrance in a resplendent creation by Mark Bumgarner. The structured armor top and celestial pattern of embellishments exuded strength and brilliance, like a golden sun rising from the horizon. Her daring slit revealed her statuesque legs as she moved with the elegance of a true queen. Michelle’s celestial ensemble was a cosmic masterpiece of the universe’s brilliance.

Barbie Forteza

Barbie Forteza GMA Gala 2023
Photo: EHRRAN MONTOYA (via Instagram)

Barbie Forteza is a vision of grace and beauty in a mint green gown by Ehrran Montoya that hugs her curves and flatters her complexion. The boatneck neckline accentuates her slender neck and shoulders, while the dramatic ribbon train adds a touch of drama and flair to her ensemble.

Julie Anne San Jose

Julie Anne San Jose GMA Gala 2023
Photo: JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE (via Instagram)

The enchanting Julie Anne San Jose graced the gala in a mesmerizing violet gown styled by Studio 24c. Crafted by designer Mak Tumang, the strapless neckline beautifully showcased her graceful shoulders, while a long lace train cascaded elegantly behind her, resembling a trail of fairy dust left by her Fairy Godmother. 

Kylie Padilla

Kylie Padilla GMA Gala 2023

Kylie looked like a cosmic being at the GMA Gala, wearing a wavy black and silver gown by Ehrran Montoya that resembled an otherworldly being from outer space. The off-shoulder sleeves, elegant slit, and intricate beadwork added allure to her ethereal ensemble. 

Sanya Lopez

Sanya Lopez GMA Gala

Sanya captivated all at the event in a breathtaking golden gown. The gown’s sweetheart neckline and dramatic mermaid silhouette ensured all eyes were on her as she gracefully adorned the red carpet. With her long waves cascading down her back and minimal accessories, the look curated by stylist Eldzs Mejia was both sophisticated and stunning—fit for a mesmerizing siren that she embodied with absolute grace.

Sofia Pablo

Sofia Pablo GMA Gala 2023
Photo: SOFIA PABLO (via Instagram)

Sofia Pablo looked like a fairy tale princess in her pale pink gown that sparkled with pearls. Designed by AJ Javier, the fitted bodice and flared skirt flowed gracefully around her, while the orchid cape added a touch of whimsy and romance to her outfit. Adorned with delicate petals resembling orchids, the cape complemented Sofia’s natural beauty, making her shine like a true princess.

Celeste Cortesi

Celeste Cortesi GMA Gala

Celeste exuded the captivating allure of a desert queen, commanding attention in a stunning golden gown designed by Anthony Ramirez. The regal hood and deep plunging neckline perfectly complemented her majestic presence, while a pair of exquisite sapphire earrings and a matching necklace accentuated her beauty with unparalleled radiance.

Ashley Ortega

Ashley Ortega GMA Gala 2023

Ashley made a bold style statement for tonight’s event, donning a chic two-piece ensemble. Her cream crop top added a touch of sophistication, elegantly paired with a dramatic mermaid skirt that accentuated her grace and poise. Completing her ensemble was a sleek black clutch, effortlessly tying together her stunning look for the night.

The GMA Gala 2023 was not just an event, but it was also a celebration of the boundless creativity and artistry that exists within the Philippine entertainment industry. Each outfit represented a unique vision brought to life by talented designers, stylists, and artists who crafted these masterpieces. It was a night where stars celebrated their achievements, as well as showcased their individuality and personal flair, making the red carpet an enchanting spectacle of fashion.

Photography KIERAN PUNAY

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