Here’s What These Designers Wore at the Vogue Philippines Gala

Here’s What These Designers Wore at the Vogue Philippines Gala


The Vogue Philippines Gala is where fashion finds its metamorphosis in black and white, and these designers celebrate its thematic prowess 

The recently concluded Gala emerged as a beacon of reinvention and revitalization. The night arrived draped in an enigmatic array of black and white, shades that celebrated the revival of the old, the transformation of the familiar, and the birth of something new. It was an ode to the essence of metamorphosis—the very essence that drives Filipino designers to create, to recreate, and to innovate.

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Vania Romoff: Bows and beauty

vogue philippines gala vania romoff

Vania Romoff took the opportunity to add her signature touch to the column dress she wore. Adorned with added bows in the same fabric, her attire was a celebration of her own design philosophy—modern simplicity.

Mich Dulce: An homage to longevity

Mich Dulce‘s attire was a tribute to longevity, a celebration of Vivienne Westwood’s philosophy, “Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last.” Wearing an ensemble entirely by Westwood, including her first-ever Westwood piece, Dulce personified the art of mindful fashion. The hat she wore was a creation of her own, one that she has cherished and worn on many occasions.

Patty Ang: A breath of elegance

vogue philippines gala patty ang

Minimalism found its muse in Patty Ang‘s creation for the Vogue Philippines Gala. Her attire encapsulated freshness and elegance, much like the very essence of the magazine itself. A subtle tribute to the title’s natural grace, her design stood as a reminder that sometimes, less truly is more.

Puey Quiñones: From skirt to cape

With a stroke of creativity, Puey Quiñones transformed a skirt into a flowing cape. The wearer of his own creation, he added an element of surprise by donning a Cary Santiago hat, a nod to the Diagold show at Cebu. 

Rajo Laurel: A vintage rebirth

vogue philippines gala rajo laurel

Vintage charm radiated from Rajo Laurel‘s attire as he donned a vintage Issey Miyake piece.

Mark Bumgarner: A repurposed revival

vogue philippines gala mark bumgarner

Mark Bumgarner repurposed old pants from a suit he created himself, along with a polo fashioned four years ago.

Avel Bacudio: A playful spirit

Avel Bacudio’s idea of refresh is that he had slept well and hadn’t worked that day. He donned a Dior jacket, Lanvin pants, and YSL shoes, which was all a vibrant reflection of his own spirit—a fusion of luxury, comfort, and a touch of mischievousness.

Jude Macasinag: Layers of heritage

Jude Macasinag resurrected a barong he designed and wore to his high school graduation in 2018. Adding layers of antique Victorian-era chantilly lace, he transformed the piece into a poetic layering of history and style.

The Vogue Philippines Gala reverberated with the pulse of invention and resourcefulness. Where fashion is culture, and heritage is interwoven with modernity, the designers themselves became living embodiments of this ethos. Without them, the picture of Vogue Philippines would remain incomplete. This is a testament to their integral role in shaping fashion history itself.

Photography KIERAN PUNAY

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