Here’s What’s Going To Happen At The MEGA Fashion Week 2019

Here’s What’s Going To Happen At The MEGA Fashion Week 2019


MEGA is bringing double the action for this year’s fashion week.

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On the last week of September, some of the most creative minds in Philippine Fashion will gather for one full-force fashion holiday. There’s no doubt that each Filipino designer featured in this year’s MEGA Fashion Week is pulling out all the stops to bring their best pieces to the spotlight.

To start off, this Tuesday, September 24, Bang Pineda will be showcasing his signature urban streetwear.

On Wednesday, September 25, Chris Nick and Yves Camingue will be showcasing their work back-to-back.

For Chris Nick, expect to see tailored pieces that marry old-world luxe with modern elegance.

And in contrast, Yves Camingue brings some street-ready designs with a playful, retro perspective.


On Thursday, September 26, Puey Quinones and Ebiro will strike the air with glamour and extravagance.

Expect no less from the Design Duo, Ebiro, as they feature avant-garde edge with their signature, sculptural designs.

As for Puey Quinones, timeless elegance will forge with dramatic pieces in a presentation that is a more fleshed out realization of his recent showing in Los Angeles, California. We got a sneak peek a month back and it is absolutely breathtaking.

On Friday, September 27, the night will be jampacked as Converse, Noel Crisostomo and Roland Alzaté of Queen Street West will grace the runway with their contemporary designs. It is bound to be a sensory overload that is sure to fill up your tanks of inspiration and creativity.

Roland Alzaté will be showing how classic can be edgy with his unerringly bold yet wearable pieces.

As for Noel Crisostomo, unparalleled grace will reign supreme in the classic yet modern collection.

On Saturday, September 28, Cheetah Rivera̦—in collaboration with L’Oreal—will be serving raw and strikingly feminine looks on the runway.

Over 700 confirmed guests will be attending the MEGA Fashion Week 2019, including renowned celebrities, rising stars, and respected fashion icons in the local fashion industry. So, don’t miss it as more fashion, fun, and surprises await you as each day will progress at MEGA Fashion Week.

There will also be live coverage on Facebook and Instagram on the day of the show, so you can be right in on the action!

MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019 will start on September 24 to 28, at the One Canvas events place, Makati City.

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