Here’s Why A Wet Brush Will Be Your New Best Friend

Here’s Why A Wet Brush Will Be Your New Best Friend


Tangled hair can be a persistent issue, whether your hair is curly and voluminous or naturally straight. While grabbing whatever brush is closest to you is the easiest option, certain brushes still cause pulling and tugging, contributing to pulling out weak hair.

Don’t you wish there was a brush that could universally be used by individuals of all hair types?

Thankfully, Wet Brush—known to be America’s number 1 detangling brush—has made its way to the Philippines. Designed specifically for wet hair, the product features Intelliflex Bristles that easily adapt to any hair type. In addition to this, its brush bed is also bouncy, making combing your hair feel way gentler than the dreaded tug one with tangled hair might experience. Trying it once will already show you that it glides through your wet hair effortlessly, making your hair routine a breeze.

There is a reason why the revolutionary tool has been said to sell 28 brushes per minute nationwide. What are you waiting for?

Wet Brush is available exclusively in selected Watsons branches and SM Department Stores nationwide.

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