Here’s Why Mackenyu Wants to Come Back to the Philippines

Here’s Why Mackenyu Wants to Come Back to the Philippines


Check out the lowdown on Mackenyu’s Manila fan meet, covering everything from personal facts to his impression of the Philippines

From the world of One Piece on Netflix to the shores of the Philippines, American-Japanese actor Mackenyu took a step beyond the screen to meet and thank his Filipino fans. His purpose was simple: to express his gratitude to the Filipino audience, who embraced his rendition of the iconic character of Roronoa Zoro. Fresh from a spirited fan meeting, Mackenyu unveiled snippets of his personal life, inviting fans to join him on a journey beyond his on-screen persona.

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Philippine flavors win 

Mackenyu celebrates his brithday with his Filipino fans

Just like many of us who take pleasure in simple yet satisfying meals, Mackenyu shared his love for good food. While his pre-show meal included hamburgers, the actor mentioned that it was the delightful experience of relishing a plate of chicken adobo the day prior that truly resonated with him. Aside from that, Anna Magkawas, the brand owner of Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group, shared with MEGA Man that Mackenyu has a soft spot for their Luxe Macchiato. His affection for the flavor was so evident that he couldn’t resist requesting extra packs, eagerly anticipating bringing more of his newest favorite drink back home.

On keeping things casual 

Denisse Laurel, the event’s host, couldn’t help but notice Mackenyu’s stylish yet understated fashion choices. For the occasion, the One Piece star effortlessly pulled off a classic combination: a white shirt, black trousers, and denim Louis Vuitton trainers. While he confessed to favoring this laid-back style, Mackenyu added a touch of refinement by adorning himself with a variety of gold accessories—earrings, rings, bracelets, and a necklace—perhaps paying homage to the role he played in the series. These easy and straightforward choices extended even to what was inside his bag, carrying just the staples—earphones, passport, and a wallet that contains a PHP 1,000 bill. 

Aware and appreciative

Mackenyu with his Filipino fan

Upon learning about his upcoming visit to the Philippines, Mackenyu couldn’t help but express genuine excitement. More than just marking a milestone with his first fan meet outside Japan, he openly acknowledged the considerable popularity he enjoys in the Philippines. Citing the flurry of online comments and the impressive number of Filipino followers, Mackenyu confidently stated that, among the various Asian nations, he believes that his most significant and biggest fan base outside his home country lies right here in the Philippines.

From screens to screens

Much like many guys out there, Mackenyu proudly wears the badge of a certified gamer. However, he distinguishes himself by mastering the art of balance. Whether he’s out and about or chilling at home, he said that you’ll spot him carrying two phones, a move he explained as a way for him to ensure he can dive into gaming sessions with his friends. Yet, what sets him apart is his conscious effort not to let gaming consume all his time, emphasizing the importance of giving undivided attention to someone he’s engaged in a personal conversation with. In sharing his gaming preference, Mackenyu revealed Rainbow Six Siege as his favorite.

Fitness focus

The One Piece actor's fitness routine

The Japanese actor also talked about his daily grind that includes going to the gym six days a week, despite his demanding schedule. When it comes to his workout preferences, he gravitates towards the efficacy of cable machines, leveraging them to enhance both the flexibility and strength of his core. Sharing a detail of his dietary evolution, Mackenyu transitioned from a stringent filming diet to the current bulking phase, where he indulges in the pleasure of enjoying a variety of foods without restraint. Interestingly, he shared that his workouts serve as more than just physical exertion—they become a therapeutic escape, a form of self-care that aids him in stress release and pressure relief when facing life’s challenges.

His trusted companion

It’s often said that a dog becomes a man’s best friend, and Mackenyu’s experience wholeheartedly confirms this statement. Revealing a previous fondness for cats, the actor shared that his world transformed completely upon encountering his furry companion. He also shared a funny tidbit—his dog’s snoring habits, which often reaches thunderous levels that they disrupt his sleep at night. When asked about his response to these noisy midnight disturbances, he charmingly admitted to gently poking his dog and playfully quipping, “Hey! I can hear you.”

Comeback countdown

The actor promises a comeback for his Filipino fans

Concluding the event on a high note, Mackenyu left the stage with a pledge that echoed in the crowd—a commitment to return to the Philippines. His parting words carried a hint of future adventures, expressing his eagerness to discover the beauty of our beaches, particularly setting his sights on the renowned shores of Boracay. While the specifics of his return date remain unknown, the actor’s excitement hinted at his genuine anticipation to witness the beauty of our country once more.

Photos: MEDIAKING and MACKENYU (via Instagram)

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