Celebrate #HerShe and Make Women’s Month Sweeter

Celebrate #HerShe and Make Women’s Month Sweeter


HERSHEY’S launches their #HerShe campaign and their Women’s Month special chocolate sleeves by partnering with Fredeswinda ‘Winnie’ Samonte, Kate Alvarez, Malou Perez, and Sabrina Tamayo

Before the suffrage revolution in the early 19th century, where women fought to be given the right to be a huge part of society, men populated both the upper ranks and the working class, leaving women to tend to the house, be deprived of education, and let go of their ambitions. Over the years, gender inequality has been a major roadblock, and inevitably, women empowerment would significantly change the economy and the working gears of society.

The movement in the 19th century marked March 8 as the International Women’s Day in our calendar, born from socialism and fighting for better working conditions. This March, Women’s Month was celebrated with a grand welcome by many companies with events, write-ups, and special edition packaging, something that HERSHEY’S executed to recognize empowered women of change.

HERSHEY’s partnered up with four esteemed women who each built a name for themselves: Fredeswinda ‘Winnie’ Samonte, Kate Alvarez, Malou Perez, and Sabrina Tamayo. With their #HerShe campaign dedicated to Women’s month, Hershey’s aims to highlight their stories and represent women who have yet to be uplifted and whose achievements are still hardly recognized by the world. By featuring these four heroes, #HerShe Fights with Kindness, Sparks Hope, Uplifts Lives, and becomes an Advocate of Change.

Cancer has a face

For Winnie, she had lived her life in kindness and knew nothing much of life’s cruelty, surrounded by loving parents, a faithful husband, and gentle siblings. Winnie remained a cheerful and approachable person throughout her peaceful days. However, the tables were turned in 2013, when Winnie discovered that she had Stage II-B cervical cancer.

This led Winnie to believe that cancer has a kind face, a silent assassin treading carefully within the most unsuspecting and happiest people. The illness did not stop Winnie nor did she ever have a change in temperament. While fighting for her life, Winnie was inspired to help other women defeat the disease, and so Winnie founded the PGH Cancer Survivors Organization, a support group built from personal experience. She aims to bring sunshine to shower cancer patients with gentle rays throughout their darkest times. Inspired by her story, HERSHEY’S provides their utmost support to her cause and celebrates her achievements as #HerShe Fights With Kindness. 

Together is better

While Winnie battled cancer, Kate also assisted her fellow women in fighting against yet another silent danger—mental health issues. 

Despite the many studies that prove the importance of caring for one’s mental health, past cultures are still yet to be abolished in many areas, such as the culture of overwork or the myth that mental illnesses are just part of our emotions. Kate aims to build a community that walks hand-in-hand in fighting each of one’s battles instead of walking through the darkness all alone. 

Kate created the Survivors of Suicide and Depression or SOS Philippines to establish a safe haven where grieving families and troubled individuals or women can share their stories, healing one another with peace and understanding. To be able to have a place where no one can judge you as they ride on the same boat is already a major factor in improving one’s mental condition. With compassion and hope, #HerShe Sparks Hope and bows their head in respect for Kate’s unconditional love towards her fellow Filipinos and women. 

This is to all living creatures

#HerShe does not only aim the spotlight at people, but also to the animals that walk the earth as well. Malou, founder of the non-profit organization Pawssion Project back in 2018, takes upon the mission to rescue, rehome, and rehabilitate stray dogs. Her passion was born from a tragedy when her own pet dog Casper passed away, leading to Malou taking a solemn pledge to help other dogs find their own families and live a fulfilling life. 

By helping Malou with her cause, #HerShe is an Advocate of Change. Since its establishment, Pawssion Project has successfully rescued over 1,000 furry friends and rehomed 500 strays. With their shorter lifespan, dogs treat their partner humans as if they’re their entire world, and so Malou encourages her fellow women to stand up and protect the dogs, just as much as these dogs can pay them back with lots of love and unwavering loyalty. 

A ripple of kindness

Simple but Meaningful Acts Intended to Leave a Lasting Effect, or Project SMILE, was established by Sabrina as an invitation to her fellow youth and women to participate in building a kinder and gentler nation. Sabrina’s advocacy is to uplift and improve the lives of neglected and underprivileged communities in her country.

Young, patriotic, empowered, and proactive, Sabrina is truly an inspiration for young women to act on their will to help others by conducting engagement activities and impact events. #HerShe Uplifts Lives and is in line with enlivening other women and fellow Filipinos, as Sabrina believes that little acts of kindness can create ripples, going a step further and changing the lives of many.

Celebrate #HerShe this Women’s Month

With these four women and four new missions to live by, #HerShe highlights the importance of singing the celebration tune to these four unsung heroes. #HerShe makes our March a little better and sweeter with their new limited edition sleeves, transforming its iconic HERSHEY’S chocolate milk bar into a canvas for these female cultural icons. Support their causes by ordering the product, as a percentage of your proceeds will go to Girl Up Philippines, the United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girl campaign to empower women in all ages, social statuses, and areas all over the world. 

Find out more about how you can help the women of our community by visiting HERSHEY’s Facebook and Instagram pages! Support the cause by ordering your own #HerShe chocolate bar in-store or at Lazada and Shopee. Use our official hashtag #HerShe.

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