How Revolutionary Dining Experience Changes The Way We Relish Flavors

How Revolutionary Dining Experience Changes The Way We Relish Flavors


To feed our eyes first is the initial goal whenever we dine. Consider it as an appetizer. But more than just our eyes, dining experience also has a great influence on the way we enjoy our meals. Whether you’re doing this in the comfort of your own home or out, this is one part of any meal one must never neglect. Though very often overlooked, experiencing the food and place is where it actually all begins. Is this the perfect venue to enjoy great food? Can the ambiance turn a simple dinner to one we ought to remember? Am I getting everything I would need and want in this place? These are just a few questions we need to ask ourselves. In the hunt for the best dining experiences we could have around the metro, there’s one place that gave us one so revolutionary we never thought of looking elsewhere.

Moments That Matter


At the reopening of Hilton Manila, we have met Chef Dennis Leslie, the hotel’s new executive chef. He happily toured us around the hotel’s food and beverage outlets and it’s safe to say that Hilton Manila has everything we need and more. From an early morning quick-fix to a late night cocktail, dining has never been more fluid than here.

Day to Night

Hiton Manila Madison Smoked Salmon Macaron MEGA
Smoke Salmon Macaron

One of the most fascinating things about Hilton is their transitional lounge and bar. Madison, patterned after the New York City vibe and ambiance, suits its folks’ multi-faceted lifestyles. In the morning, the lounge offers artisanal coffee and grab-and-go food selections for those that are on-the-go. Sliding through the evening, it turns into a bar serving signature drinks and wine. An array of share plates and bar bites are also available for pre-dinner cocktails. With the lounge accessible right from the hotel lobby, it’s perfect for quick meet-ups. As if it couldn’t get any better, experience more than just food as a band serenades its patrons every evening.

Hilton Manila Madison Big Apple MEGA
Big Apple

Recommended dish: Big Apple

Shanghai Nights

Hilton Manila Hua Ting Sheng Jian Bao MEGA
Sheng Jian Bao

If you’re in the mood for delectable Chinese food, Hua Ting Brassiere Chinoise is the perfect spot for you. Savor on the traditional Shanghainese cuisine given a modern take. Flavors explode with each bite on the dishes at Hua Ting. Using locally sourced ingredients, the restaurant’s chefs have completely reinvented Chinese food into something more delightful for anyone.

Hilton Manila Hua Ting Fried Garoupa With Tomato Sauce MEGA
Fried Garoupa With Tomato Sauce

Recommended dish: Fried Garoupa With Tomato Sauce

Local Treasures

Hilton Manila Kusina Dampa MEGA
Dampa Station at Kusina

Get everything local and more at Kusina, an interactive all-day buffet located on the 3rd floor of the hotel. Though the restaurant offers western dishes as well, it focuses more on Filipino cuisine. Personalize your experience through the “dampa style” open kitchen where you can pick exactly how you want your food prepared. It also features an array of creative beverages featuring local drinks such as 4 different kinds of samalamig. Not to mention, everything you see around the restaurant is locally and exclusively manufactured for the restaurant using mostly recycled materials to promote sustainability.

Dampa Station At Kusina

Recommended dish: Kingfish Kilawin (Filipino Style Ceviche)

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