H&M’s “Co-Exist” Collection Is A 90’s Inspired Wardrobe That’s PETA-Approved

H&M’s “Co-Exist” Collection Is A 90’s Inspired Wardrobe That’s PETA-Approved


In partnership with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), H&M’s new “Co-Exist” Collection provides a sustainable alternative to reviving 90’s fur and leather.

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From chunky footwear, leather pants, and cropped fur sweaters and accessories, the ’90s have been the main style for most of the year. But as trends come and go in fashion, leading consumers to buy “must-haves of the moment” only to wear it less than a handful of times, how can one stay on-trend while being sustainable? Enter, H&M’s “Co-Exist” collection that puts the spotlight on their ongoing effort to provide affordable sustainable fashion.

The textile industry has a long history of animals being hurt or harmed during the production of a garment, think of those big fur coats that came from foxes and minks who were intensively bred and slaughtered. Having a sustainable and ethical wardrobe is still a privilege today and at times it can come with a premium, but major retailer brand H&M is proving that even affordable fashion brands could well do without harmful animal textiles. 

The ‘Co-Exist Story’ collection is an animal-friendly line entirely approved by the animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The line spans from womenswear, menswear, and childrenswear that’s heavily influenced by the extreme volume and vibrant color of ‘90s partywear and functional outerwear such as their faux fur sets and bags, fringe detailing, and heavy-duty pants and boots.

Here are the 5 processes and animal-down alternatives that the line is made out of:

1. Econyl ®

– Econyl is regenerated nylon created from nylon wastes like fishing nets, fabric scalps, and carpet floor and industrial fabrics.

2. Flwrdwn™

– A efficient alternative to animal and petroleum-based synthetic down which is commonly used in fur, the Flwrdwn is made with natural dried wildflower plants for an animal-friendly solution that is as breathable, warm, and cozy. 

3. Yulez ®

– Serving as a replacement for neoprene, Yulex is a natural rubber that is a certified renewable resource. 

4. Spin Dye ® 

– This is a process that utilizes a low-impact method for coloring recycle and recyclable polyester which is responsible for giving the bright colors seen in the collection. It’s a circular system that uses on average 75% less water consumption, 90% less chemical usage, 30% less energy consumption, and a 30% reduction in CO2.

5. Vegea™

– All the bags and shoes of the line are made from bio-vegan soft leather made from the bio-waste produced during the winemaking process.

H&M’s “Co-Exist” Collection in partnership with PETA is available worldwide at hm.com

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