Holiday Fashion Trends at the Star Magical Christmas Ball 2023

Holiday Fashion Trends at the Star Magical Christmas Ball 2023


‘Tis the season for everything Christmas at Star Magic’s second Star Magical Christmas Ball. The stage twinkled with the radiance of both burgeoning talents and seasoned luminaries as they glided along the white carpet adorned with festive Christmas ornaments. Most attendees donned their holiday best, gracing the event in either elegant dresses or stylish suits. However, a few opted for a different approach, steering clear of the typical to infuse the gathering with unique and Christmas-inspired attire. Here are the fashion and style trends that were spotted.

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All white

A pristine trend that painted the event into a winter wonderland, as attendees embraced the timeless allure of all-white ensembles. 

Holiday Trends at the Star Magical Christmas Ball 2023 ANJI SALVACION

Anji Salvacion‘s snow-kissed all-white ensemble glistened, effortlessly embodying the spirit of the winter season. The textured outfit paired with cream flats, creates a chic and frosty snowflake. 

Sparkly statements

The night glittered with attendees adorned in sparkly outfits, capturing the enchantment of the season through sequins, crystals, and shimmering fabrics.

Holiday Trends at the Star Magical Christmas Ball 2023 BARBIE IMPERIAL

Barbie Imperial radiated sophistication in a rich green hue, her ensemble bedecked with lavish gemstones and showcasing a substantial ribbon detail draping down one side.

Holiday-inspired frocks

Ssome guests brought the holiday spirit to life with unique and Christmas-inspired attire and embellishments that adorned the festivities, adding a touch of whimsy to the glamorous affair.

Holiday Trends at the Star Magical Christmas Ball 2023 BELLE MARIANO

Belle Mariano came out of her box and made an entrance, almost resembling a mirror image of the 2019 Holiday Barbie doll. This particular Barbie doll was a vision of festive glamour, adorned in a sequin-detailing floor-length gown, in contrast with Belle’s mini-dress, that captured the spirit of the season. Much like the doll, Belle’s ensemble exuded holiday charm.

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Bright metallics

Guests illuminate the night with bright metallics, donning outfits in holiday hues, creating a scene of glimmer and shine.

Holiday Trends at the Star Magical Christmas Ball 2023 VINA MORALES

Vina Morales, channeling the spirit of a pop star from the North Pole, embraces a festive disco vibe with her dress. This rainbow-colored ensemble shimmers with holiday exuberance, creating a look that is perfectly suited for a festive and energetic holiday performance.

Christmas costumes

beyond the conventional, some attendees become the festive spirit by wearing costumes that not only adhered to the theme but became the theme itself. Whether transformed into Jack Frost, mischievous elves, celestial angels, or even embodying the charm of a certain reindeer, they become certain elements that fit the theme even better.

Holiday Trends at the Star Magical Christmas Ball 2023 CHIE FILOMENO

Chie Filomeno graced the scene as a sparkly blonde angel with wings as pristine as freshly fallen snow. The ensemble, impossible to overlook, was grandiose, with her sheer bodysuit bedazzled, reflecting the ambient lights.

On the contrary, diverging from the typical Christmas costumes, Andrea Brillantes made a bold state with retro chic in an all-white ensemble that transformed her into a Christmas parol. The unique and innovative creation, as revealed by her stylist Eldzs Mejia, drew inspiration from the lively and stylish ’60s mod dancers. 

Holiday Trends at the Star Magical Christmas Ball 2023 ANDREA BRILLANTES

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The Star Magical Christmas Ball 2023 unfolded as a vibrant display of individual style and festive expression. The event painted an enchanting picture of seasonal trends, thanks to the timeless all-white ensembles, the magnet of sequins, and the charm of Christmas costumes. From angelic-inspired looks to fairy tale ensembles, it was a night where Christmas characters come to life.


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