Here’s How Hollywood Is Loving Filipino Designer Neil Felipp’s Bags

Here’s How Hollywood Is Loving Filipino Designer Neil Felipp’s Bags


Filipino pride is teeming in Hollywood as another young Filipino designer landed a spot at the most anticipated Hollywood movie adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s “Crazy Rich Asians.”

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After winning the Look of Style Awards 2013 by the British Council, Neil Felipp San Pedro finally made his Hollywood debut when Kevin Kwan reached out to him.

San Pedro shared to MEGA that it was during a press interview, when his bag first caught the attention of Kwan through his client while interviewing the author.

Only a few weeks after the Crazy Rich Asians was announced to have a film adaptation, Kwan asked if San Pedro would be interested to have his minauderies used in the film.

“Of course, I said yes… I then presented my work to the costume designer and stylist via email, and I’m happy to say they loved it,” San Pedro shared.

Adding to his international success, San Pedro also agreed to be featured in Kwan’s third book titled, “Rich People Problems.”

The Minauderies

Once the costume team members of the film got in touched with him to which several minauderies were requested: Siren, Suzy Wong, and Medusa and Midas.


San Pedro shared that the Siren Minaudiere was inspired from a mythological creature who loves the sea. It pays homage to his mother and to the island of Cebu that their family calls home.


As for the Suzy Wong Minauderie, it was based from an Asian literature known as the “Hooker with the Golden Heart”.

San Pedro explained that he was “quite intrigued by the character,” because the character is perceived to be weak and frail. However, her inner strength and love will be revealed like that of a dragon.


The Medusa and Midas Minaudiere was taken from their imagined love story. San Pedro shared “what would happen if Medusa (the woman cursed with snake hair and a stone gaze) and Midas (the king cursed with the golden touch) would both meet and fall in love.”

This Minauderie depicted the scenario once the two cursed individuals would lock in an embrace. Medusa becomes gold and Midas turns into stone while their lips are forever sealed with a kiss.

It was by drawing inspirations from dreams, memories, and literature that San Pedro was able to perfectly execute this kind of ethereal elegance for his design aesthetic.

“Majority of the conceptualization process falls on that aspect. It’s as if I’m creating the soul of a certain piece. Once I have outlined the right story, that is when the creation process begins,” he explained.

Witness more of Neil Felipp’s creations at and follow him on Instagram @neilfelipp for more updates.

Crazy Rich Asians will open in cinemas nationwide on August 22, 2018.

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