We Tried Olay’s Powerful Serum and Moisturizer, and Here’s What Happened

We Tried Olay’s Powerful Serum and Moisturizer, and Here’s What Happened


A candid review of Olay Luminous Vitamin C and Collagen Peptide 24 Moisturizer

A few years ago, having a dedicated skincare routine used to be a foreign concept to me because I was afraid to be reliant on beauty products. I only got around to paying closer attention to what I use when work translated into busier days and my skin got dull.  

While my friends had recommended many of their must-haves, it took me a lot of trial and error to find the right skincare brand and key ingredients. However, as the weather and my habits change, so does my skin. As someone who has combination and sensitive skin, it’s been a challenge to keep it even and glowing, especially on days I have to be out in the sun. What worked before may not work for me today, so I’m searching for serums and moisturizers that can work wonders on my face.

Recently, I got my hands on Olay’s Luminous Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum and Olay Collagen Peptide 24 Moisturizer. The brand was known to release a line of products with a blend of powerful ingredients, such as niacinamide, so I was really looking forward to testing these.  

A new favorite 

Whenever I go to one-stop shops for all my essential needs, I more often than not find a vitamin C ingredient on the box label. Vitamin C appears to do everything, from protecting skin from UV rays to boosting collagen production and lightening pigmentation. So, of course, I’d want it in my self-care routine. 

Olay’s Luminous Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum key ingredients are Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Vitamin C, both of which work in synergy to even the skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots. This serum had a lot of reviews where a great majority had seen visible results in as early as just a week.

Olay Luminous Vitamin C and Collagen Peptide 24 Moisturizer Pia Wurtzbach

The serum came in a glass bottle with a metallic cap, where the cap pump-like-button feature served as the dropper. Admittedly, I was confused about how the pump worked on the first try, but it turned out to be quite easy after twisting and pushing the cap. 

I only needed to dispense two drops on my palm, an amount enough to cover my face and neck. Any more than that, and it would feel sticky. When I think about serums, I usually visualize them to be more translucent. But this serum’s texture was creamy and not greasy, similar to a lightweight white lotion. Unlike previous serums I was recommended by friends that had a strong acidic smell, the scent of this one was mild and not at all overwhelming. 

My skin had absorbed this serum just right, but I felt a slight tingling sensation as an aftereffect. Thankfully, this feeling did not last, as I eventually got used to the product. The serum felt soft on my face, giving me a more dewy and hydrated look in a week. As someone who had been having dry skin issues, it felt great to feel like my skin could finally breathe. 

I also saw a slight reduction in my dark circles after a week of using it, but it wasn’t a dramatic change. I might have to give it a few more months to see how it evens and brightens my skin tone. After all, prolonged use of good products and consistency is vital to healthier skin. 

One of the best constants 

Moisturizers had always been a mainstay in any skincare routine, so I had to get the right one. Olay’s unique technology on moisturizers involved collagen peptide 24 that penetrated better into the skin. It had been said to instantly plump and visibly firm the skin while smoothing fine lines. 

Olay's facial moisturizer
Olay’s facial moisturizer provides the benefits of collagen peptide + 24 hours of intense hydration
Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum
Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum reduces dark spots for an even glow

Olay’s Collagen Peptide 24 Moisturizer was in a classy deep-red pot that allowed me to take as little or as many as I wanted to apply. But a little application of it already went a long way since it had spread well all over my face. This moisturizer was easy and light on the skin, almost fragrance-free, and velvety thick.

My face was able to absorb it quickly with minimal residue. Using it day and night, the moisturizer made my skin feel softer and smoother. While it didn’t look that plump to me yet, this moisturizer may take a while before it fully shows its great potential. But overall, it made me feel refreshed. It also served as an excellent base for makeup, which was great because I use different cosmetic products too.

Proving to be long-lasting as I go through my day, this moisturizer has improved my skin’s texture. It was a great addition to my beauty routine, and I would recommend it to everyone who had the same skin type as I did since it handled my dry and sensitive skin well. 

I haven’t been the best believer of things, but I do know now that I’ll never know if it works if I don’t give it a try. Confidence begins in taking that extra step to ensure my skin gets the love it deserves. 

Give Olay’s Luminous Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum and Collagen Peptide 24 a try and visit Olay’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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