How Avel Bacudio Brought Style and Sound Together For SB19 and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

How Avel Bacudio Brought Style and Sound Together For SB19 and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid


Much like the creation of a musical masterpiece, crafting a fashion statement demands a clear vision. Just as a composer refines their melodies, a designer nurtures a concept, perfects variations, and hones it to a flawless tune. Avel Bacudio beautifully exemplified this in his latest designs, exclusively tailored for OPM artists Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and SB19, who graced the maiden issue of Billboard Philippines.

In an exclusive interview with MEGA, the Filipino designer opened up about the intricate process of shaping these ensembles and sketched out his fashion aspirations, outlining the harmonious pinnacles that he aspires to reach.

The couture prelude

Avel Bacudio designs outfits for SB19 and Regine Velasquez
Avel Bacudio getting the patterns ready

The designer harked back to the moment when he received the call to design the looks for said music publication. Avel, with complete transparency, revealed that he had doubts about accepting the challenge. He candidly shared his hesitations, especially due to his numerous ongoing projects, and pondered whether his fashion artistry would resonate with readers, both local and global—an interesting viewpoint from one of the country’s most distinguished designers.

When asked what drove him to accept this request, the designer provided a heartfelt response: “[It was] when they told me na dapat may Filipino touch.” Avel has consistently championed his passion for his homeland through his fashion prowess, and his recent creations underscore the boundless possibilities for this endeavor.

Billboard Philippines maiden issue cover featuring SB19

His note of gratitude

Overflowing with happiness, Avel conveyed his deep appreciation for the trust placed in him by the people behind Billboard Philippines. He further emphasized that what truly set this collaboration apart was the creative freedom given to him, where the team merely provided a reference, granting him the opportunity to explore his sartorial artistry.

Shaping SB19’s style

Sketch of SB19's outfits for Billboard Philippines
The outfits of SB19 in his sketch

When it came to crafting the looks for SB19, Avel had a solid vision in mind: dress them as proud Filipinos who are poised to make their mark on the world music stage. The designer explained that the outfits incorporated a mix of fabrics to send the message that the members may have distinct personalities, but they are capable of coming together in a harmonious ensemble. 

Terno sleeves for SB19
A close-up look of one of the ternos for SB19

Notably, he also shared that the inclusion of terno sleeves, typically associated with women’s attire, presented him a challenge that required an extensive design process. Avel added that the creative journey involved numerous iterations, but he did not stop because he recognizes its pivotal role in celebrating our rich Filipino heritage.  Lastly, he considered the leather gloves as the defining touch, giving the look a modern, sophisticated appeal, perfect for gentlemen set to conquer the global scene. 

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Regine’s structured grace

Billboard Philippines maiden issue cover featuring Regine Velasquez-Alcasid
Billboard Philippines maiden issue cover featuring Regine Velasquez-Alcasid
The initial sketch for Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

When asked about the inspiration behind the outfit he prepared for Asia’s Songbird, he confidently asserted, “The look for Regine is very me.” Reflecting on his formative years in the scene, the designer highlights that structured elements, commanding padded shoulders, architectural aesthetics, and crisply tailored silhouettes have long been the hallmarks of his signature style. Avel also revealed that the moment he received the news of Regine as his muse, even before any specific directives were given, he knew that this was the look he envisioned for the singer. “It is like a trophy for me.” Despite his extensive list of achievements, these words encapsulate the appreciation he holds for this monumental experience.

Redefining fashion chords 

“I am not going to represent myself. I am going to represent our culture.”

Avel Bacudio on his goal to have his own international fashion presentation soon.

A lifelong devotion to showcasing our heritage through the fields of fashion and the arts has been Avel’s driving force. He said that he will be on a continuous quest to introduce pieces that will resonate with international audiences and is committed to harnessing local resources to craft our own unique fabrics. 

Avel Bacudio and his fashion aspirations
Avel Bacudio in the middle of his design process

The designer also revealed his plan to launch his own design competition soon that will put the spotlight on emerging Filipino fashion designers. He spoke of this endeavor as a tribute to the trust vested in him during his early days as a designer by the late MEGA Founder, Sari Yap. Through this creative composition, he aims to discover and nurture young talents and make them realize that fashion is not just an aesthetic masterpiece, but also a powerful narrative that can introduce our culture to the world.

Featured Image courtesy of BILLBOARD PHILIPPINES

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