How Bea Alonzo, Julia Barretto, and Sharon Cuneta Stood Their Ground For Truth

How Bea Alonzo, Julia Barretto, and Sharon Cuneta Stood Their Ground For Truth


When it comes to the lives of our favorite celebrities, here’s the deal—their lives are ours for the talking, but definitely not for the taking

Let’s put it this way—in the museum of celebrities whose lives are displayed for everyone to see, we are mere spectators who only see as much as we can. Touch a part of them once, and it’s okay perhaps. Cross boundaries a few times, and our excuse is the fact that they are public figures. But when enough is enough for people like Bea Alonzo, Julia Barretto, and Sharon Cuneta, they have all the right to pull the alarm and serve accountability for the malicious statements being spewed around their names. When did they stand up for the truth, and how did they do it? MEGA Entertainment gives you a rundown on how these actresses acted on malicious content and intent thrown against them. 

For the very first time in her career, Bea Alonzo filed a complaint against showbiz commentators; Photo: BEA ALONZO (via Instagram)

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Time for the truth 

After the romance ruckus that Julia Barretto got dragged into in 2019, she learned to be braver and fight for the truth. In 2020, former newscaster Jay Sonza announced that the actress was pregnant with Gerald Anderson’s child. But as proven by Julia herself through a now deleted Instagram post of her exposed stomach, she debunked the news. However, the post no longer sat right with Barretto, especially with the way Sonza wrote it. 

At the height of the pandemic, the Viva artist filed a complaint to the Cybercrime Division of the National Bureau of Investigation for the irresponsible post written by Sonza. “Ang dami ko na ring kasing pinagdaanan. Ang dami ko na ring pinalagpas. We see it happen to a lot more artists, a lot more of my colleagues,” Barretto pointed out in a one-on-one interview with ABS-CBN correspondent MJ Felipe.

Serving accountability

A week ago, Sharon Cuneta and Senator Kiko Pangilinan filed a cyberlibel crime against Cristy Fermin for the latter’s defaming statements about their family. “We also have private rights,” Pangilinan spoke out during their joint interview with the media. “Lalo na when the matter is not of public interest, meaning, it’s a personal issue. It’s a personal family concern. Kung anu-ano na lang paninira o kasinungalingan ang kinakalat para lang sumikat. Para lang dumami ang kanilang viewers at subscribers.”

Meanwhile, the Mega Star commented, “After so often na tinitira ka, baseless. ‘Yung opinyon, okay lang ‘yun e. Pero alam mo ‘yun, there’s a line. You don’t hit beyond the belt; you don’t hit beyond what’s acceptable. Pati mga anak namin, pati marriage namin.” 

Known for her controversial takes on the lives of celebrities, Cristy Fermin has commented and has made her own judgments on a number of issues involving Sharon Cuneta and her family, pushing Cuneta to finally draw the line for Cristy between expressing her opinions and meddling on their private matters. 

Her countermove

Even by subjecting one’s romance in the public eye, a relationship is ultimately between two people and them alone. But in the case of Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque, the pain and pleasure of talking about their love story—no matter how it ended—was preempted by a few show business columnists, as they reiterated in their joint statement, addressing the end of their engagement. Apart from statements thrown about their relationship, there were also false accusations and judgments about Bea and Dominic as individuals.

While the official relationship of Alonzo and Roque has yet to be confirmed publicly, one thing is for sure—Bea has the final say in her own narrative. And with that assertion of self-love, she filed for an online libel complaint against Ogie Diaz, Cristy Fermin, and their co-hosts. According to Bea’s lawyer, Attorney Joey Garcia, this is the first time that the actress has done such a move in her long career in the industry. 

In the world of show business, it is indeed easy to blur the lines between the public and private, the fact and opinion, and the right from wrong. But in one’s inspection of morals, we get to ask ourselves—what if this is us? What if it happens to us? That only then the answers become clearer. At the end of the day, as we all sometimes forget, these public figures are human beings, too. 

Featured Image: JULIA BARRETTO, SHARON, CUNETA, and BEA ALONZO (via Instagram)

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