How Dhztine Bernardino is Preparing For the Biggest Dance Battle of His Life

How Dhztine Bernardino is Preparing For the Biggest Dance Battle of His Life


In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, Dhztine Bernardino, also known as JXYB, shared his preparations as he gears up to proudly represent our nation in a dance showdown set to take place in Germany

In a thrilling showdown on September 2nd, the Red Bull Dance Your Style National Finals named Dhztine Bernardino, better known by his moniker JXYB, as the champion of the year. With his sights set on an upcoming battle in Germany, the dancer shares with MEGA Man his grand vision to champion the Filipino dance community in what he considers one of the biggest battlefields of his career.

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In pursuit of excellence

“My Red Bull Dance Your Style journey is very hard. I had a lot of stages that I had to overcome.” 

As he talked about his journey, from grueling auditions to the Manila qualifiers and ultimately the grand finals, the dancer couldn’t help but recall the fierce competition he faced. As he prepares to dominate the global dance scene, Dhztine reveals his winning strategy: maintaining a steadfast focus on mental and spiritual preparation, just as he did for the national competition. “For the finals I will try to bring out all the learnings I have acquired through the years of winning and losing. I will also reach out to all the battlers I know who have a lot of experiences outside the country,” he added. 

Motivations in motion

The gentleman remarked that despite the weight of representing the country worldwide, God, his family, and the encouragement of the fans keep him going. “I [feel] the support of all the people around me, whether they are my friends or not. My family is also cheering for me, and of course I couldn’t win without the guidance of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,” he mentioned.

His signature move

Just like his winning piece, JXYB hinted that his exceptional krumping skills will soon make waves on the international scene. He  characterized this dance style as an incredibly expressive form, rooted in the foundations of stops, chest pops, and arm swings, seamlessly blended with other dance techniques. 

Influential beats

When it comes to seeking dance inspiration, Dhztine reveals that he looks up to Patrick “Twinbeast” Mabanta. He elaborated on the remarkable resilience of his fellow dancer, who, despite grappling with personal challenges, never ceases to ignite his passion for dance and persistently inspires him to find his purpose within the vibrant krump community—qualities that JXYB deeply admires and holds in high regard. 

Rhythm in resilience

Dhztine Bernardino - JXYB
Photo: CHRISTOPHER SY (via Instagram)

The dancer acknowledged that there are many difficulties he faces every day despite the thrill of competing on an international platform. In addition to his day job and coaching commitments, he is also fulfilling his responsibilities as a father. He mentioned that right now he is tirelessly striving to strike the perfect balance between these pursuits close to his heart.

Visualizing victory 

Confident and determined, JXYB boldly declared his readiness to showcase the Philippines on the global dance stage. He passionately expressed, “I will definitely try to bring our culture to the world. I mean, showing up there and representing the Philippines will not be enough, so I’ll try to definitely bring Filipino culture—our street culture.”

Steps to success

Dhztine Bernardino, Dance Your Style Champion
Photo: MICHAEL PERFECTO (via Instagram)

Dhztine concluded by saying that, no matter how difficult things get, it is crucial to trust the process and maintain one’s faith. “There is always a perfect time for everything. [You] just have to hold on to what you love to do, believe in yourself, and ask for guidance from God because everything you do is empty without purpose and without giving glory to our savior,” he emphasized.

Featured Image: MICHAEL PERFECTO (via Instagram)

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