How Donny and Belle are Making Smarter Decisions For the Future

How Donny and Belle are Making Smarter Decisions For the Future


Belle and Donny are securing their future by making smarter decisions with their time and money through technology

There is no denying that Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan are growing up—together, and on their own. Next week, we will see them as Caroline and Bingo in their first teleserye, Can’t Buy Me Love. Besides Casa Donato, his own place, the actor has just launched his gasoline station franchise. Meanwhile, Belle’s family house is also in the works. It goes without saying that their maturity entails making choices that are responsible and smart. The actress also said it best; “It’s important that we make smart decisions in our everyday lives that will affect our future.” 

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Now that they are taking on more mature roles on and off screen, DonBelle is giving us some tips on how we can make the most of our time and money. With their busy schedules, they tend to be more mindful of how they spend these things. “It’s very important to keep in mind that time is not infinite, and it’s something you really cherish. That value can go to your family, friends, or loved ones,” Donny stressed. 

On saving what they value

Gen Zs as they are, DonBelle runs on the digital age of things. Case in point, online shopping. “I sometimes prefer online selling platforms compared to malls. If I like to buy something, I compare options on where I should source things out,” the actor explained.  


Meanwhile, the actress has a liking for buy one take one deals without compromising her eye for standards. “Who doesn’t prefer sulit? Spending one’s money wisely never gets old. For me, it’s quality over quantity. People should always go for things that they can use for a long period of time.” 

On valuing what they save

With their own takes to saving, the pairing offered some financial advice for their fellow Gen Zs and even to their own fans, the Bubblies. First on the list is limiting one’s budget. “You can set aside a budget for your spontaneous purchases and don’t spend anything beyond that amount,” Donny said. 

As for Belle, “Get advice from people you look up to, and be accountable. Also, do your research. Put your money in places [where it] will certainly grow.”


On valuing and saving

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Featured Image: DONNY PANGILINAN (via Instagram)

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