How Dove’s Latest Project Is Breaking Beauty Stereotypes All Over The World

How Dove’s Latest Project Is Breaking Beauty Stereotypes All Over The World


We see images of beautiful women everywhere—on the pages of glossy magazines, on social media platforms such as Instagram, and as we go along with our day, for example. However, studies show that seven out of ten women share that they don’t feel represented enough in these images that they see every day, leading to unrealistic standards. Thankfully, beauty brand Dove is fighting to break this narrow view on women with their latest project.

In partnership with Getty Images and GirlGaze, Dove presents Project #ShowUs, the world’s largest stock photo library containing over 5,000 images that features 179 people from 39 countries and represents a diverse group of women, non-binary and female-identifying individuals.

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“For over 60 years, we have believed in liberating women from narrow beauty ideals and have showcased beauty diversity in our advertising. However, this is not enough, and we cannot make the systemic change we need alone. Hence Project #ShowUs, a project we have spent over a year creating with Getty Images and GirlGaze,” shares Sophie Galvani, Global Vice President of Dove.

The photos available on the platform were shot by more than 100 members of the GirlGaze community. Also, for the first time ever on Getty Images, every individual that was featured in the library was able to personally identify their own search descriptions and tags for their images. This further emphasizes the project’s initiative to allow women to define beauty in their own terms.

View, license and use the photos in Project #ShowUs at If you want an opportunity to be part of the project yourself, head over to to share your images. For more information, go to Dove’s Facebook page at

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