You Won’t Believe How Expensive Sharon Cuneta’s Watch Collection Is

You Won’t Believe How Expensive Sharon Cuneta’s Watch Collection Is


From Rolex to OMEGA timepieces, Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s watch collection could just be more than the total worth of your dream house. 

Let’s all admit it—nothing compels to click next on our mindless social media binge than the chance to watch the vlogs of our favorite celebrities, because we get closer, or dare we say, voyeuristic look at their lives. While we normally see them on the big and small screens, we will always be so obsessed knowing about how they really are off cam. With the unprecedented pandemic that provoked an upward trend in the digital sphere, there’s an increasing number of stars venturing into vlogging. Sharon Cuneta is one of the few stars who recently started her channel called, Sharon Cuneta Network, which touches on various topics ranging from lifestyle, home, and even her personal life.

So, the Megastar is finally giving us unabridged access into her life whether it was in the past, present, and well, future. Recently, she took us for a trip down memory lane as she shared the stories behind some of her coveted watches, which all have sentimental values. “It’s no secret that I’ve always been a big watch collector,” she admits. “And since many of you have been requesting for this, I wanted to share some sentimental pieces.”

But while we were enjoying the stories behind each watch, it also came into our minds how much these all cost her (and perhaps even her mom). Hence, we took the liberty to research the prices of these coveted luxury timepieces if they were to be originally created and sold today, not as a vintage piece.

(Disclaimer: All prices below are purely our estimations only.)

Vintage 1950s OMEGA USD 23,000 or Php 1,115,000 (approx.)

Normally an OMEGA timepiece would be sold around USD 5000, but if it is a limited edition or adorned with diamonds, it could go even way higher. Sharon clarifies that while this is really an OMEGA watch, she wasn’t able to find a suitable face for this when she had it repaired. “Wala na pong mahanap. But we were able to find a Rolex na kapalit,” she explains. And since the vintage OMEGA of Sharon Cuneta has a diamond-set case and diamond-set platinum bracelet a la Art Deco, this can cost at around USD 23,000.

Vintage 1970s Corum in solid gold – USD50,000 or Php 2,500,000 (approx.)

Corum is a brand that’s highly respected by watch collectors and aficionados. This vintage 70s Corum solid gold watch adorned with diamonds on each corner is not available in the market anymore. According to Sharon, “When I brought this to Zurich in 2011 or 2012, I think, I wanted to have it refurbished kasi luma na siya…sabi nila don’t touch it because they don’t make it like this anymore.” So, perhaps it’s safe to estimate this watch to be worth around probably around USD50,000 if it was made and sold today, based on how the Corum watch golden bridge is priced today.

Vintage 1950s Girard Perregaux – USD 30,000 or Php 1,455,000 (approx.)

Much like OMEGA, a Girard Perregaux can be priced for around USD 5000, but again, if it’s adorned with very luxurious jewels, it obviously becomes more expensive. Since the timepiece that Sharon inherited from her mom is made of gold and embellished with diamonds and sapphires on the side, we can safely assume that it costs at approximately USD 30,000.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier – USD 33,800 or Php 1,630,000 (approx.)

This was a watch bought by Sharon for her mom a couple of years before she passed. While her mom would always pick a watch with a lot of diamonds, she chose a simpler timepiece with lesser diamonds. This Ballon Bleu de Cartier would cost around USD 33,800 today.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier – USD 26,700 or Php 1,300,000 (approx.)

Another Ballon Bleu de Cartier that the Megastar owns is the one she bought for herself. This time, it has an 18K pink gold case set with 115 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.94 carats, a fluted crown set with a sapphire cabochon, and a purple patent alligator skin strap. This would cost USD 26,700. But since she had the purple strap changed into a metal strap in yellow gold, it will be more expensive.

Santos de Cartier – USD 11,250 or Php 545,000 (approx.)

According to Sharon, the first-ever luxury timepiece she bought for herself was actually a Santos de Cartier. In fact, you can see her wearing this back then in her the poster of her movie, Sa Hirap at Ginhawa. As of today, if you’ll buy a Santos de Cartier made with yellow gold and steel, it would be priced at USD 11,250.

Rolex Datejust with Oystersteel and yellow gold – USD 14,700 or Php 709,000

As for the Megastar’s first-ever Rolex that she bought, it was a Rolex Datejust Oystersteel and gold at the Duty-Free shop in Hong Kong. While it’s rare to find the same watch as Sharon’s, we can say that a Rolex Datejust made of Oystersteel and yellow gold could be priced at USD 14,700.

Rolex Datejust with Oystersteel, gold, and diamonds – USD 22,000 or Php 1,069,000

When Sharon continually flourished in her career, earning so much more, that was the time she was able to buy a Rolex adorned with diamonds. This Rolex Datejust with Oystersteel, yellow gold, and diamonds cost USD 22,000.

Rolex Datejust platinum and diamonds – USD 25,000 or Php 1,212,000 (approx.)

Sharon Cuneta Watch

For her last, but definitely not the least, Rolex Datejust, she elevated her collection by opting for a timepiece made of platinum and diamonds. This is just slightly priced at a higher value around USD 25,000, compared to the former because it is made of platinum.

Rolex Daytona Pink Beach – USD 40,000 or Php 2,000,000 (approx.)

Just like all women, Sharon is a fan of the pink shade. So, the moment she saw this huge ad in a magazine featuring the Rolex Daytona Pink Beach, she instantly fell in love with it and bought it. Upon looking at the prices of Daytonas today, this could cost around USD 40,000, especially that it has a mother of pearl face.

Piaget Polo – USD 22,500 or Php 1,090,000.00 (approx.)

Finally, the last timepiece she showed was the Piaget Polo made with yellow gold that she wore at the ending of her film, Madrasta. If it was newly designed and sold in today’s market, such an exquisite timepiece can cost approximately USD 22,500.

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