How Halohalo Inspires Women to Pursue Entrepreneurial Dreams

How Halohalo Inspires Women to Pursue Entrepreneurial Dreams


Cara Limjap scoops success with the launch of Halohalo’s first physical store, combining Filipino style with flavor

In the searing heat of Manila, where even the most stoic of citizens melt quicker than ice cream on a scorching pavement, comes a sign of cool complexity: Cara Limjap’s first Halohalo store. It’s no ordinary ice cream parlor, but a true stylish oasis throughout the desert of urban monotony. As the city heats up and tempers flare, Limjap’s clever decision to open the first Halohalo actual store becomes the hottest fad on everyone’s radar. With threads as delicious as a scoop of leche flan over shaved ice and motifs as bright as an ounce of ube syrup, the lifestyle brand‘s debut is as timely as it is delicious; just come and check out its drinks, too.

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Along with her brother, founder Cara Limjap built Halohalo from the ground up

Founded in 2013 by siblings Limjap and Rocco Sumabat, Halohalo stands out as a creative light, tinged in culture and fortified by their tribute to a fierce determination to challenge norms and rewrite the rules of Filipino design. Bold, colorful, and unapologetically Filipino, their dream takes flight like a jeepney racing through the streets. Or as determined as jeepneys can be with the traffic jams. And, like traffic, it didn’t come quick nor easy.

Cult-favorites Halohalobags was born out of the overall brand
Clothing through the GoodTimes label was next in line towards their growth

Nostalgia Meets Novelty

It began with banig. And like the traditional Filipino mat, which intricately weaves together strands of grass to create a sturdy yet beautiful foundation, so too did Limjap weave together her vision, combining elements of tradition and innovation to craft something truly remarkable. This humble beginning led to the birth of Halohalohome, Halohalobags, and GoodTimes. Each brand within the Halohalo world offers a distinct collection of products, ranging from home decor to fashion essentials, all imbued with the spirit of Filipino craftsmanship.

The banig kicks off this lifestyle brand

Thus, we step into their store. Walking into Halohalo is like entering a time machine set in ‘Old Manila’ mode. You stroll through the streets of the city, but instead of vendors, you’re greeted by racks of stylish threads and shelves of chic home decor. Drawing inspiration from the delightful chaos of our diverse culture, Halohalo’s design aesthetic is a playful homage to the city’s eclectic mix of tradition and trendiness. From the ornate details of heritage buildings to the classic elements of Filipino design, every corner of the store pulsates with the vibrancy of modern Filipino living. 

The Halohalo bags are crafted by their artisanal team
As the Halohalo bags are made by hand, there is often a long waitlist

Sipping Simple Times

At the corner of Halohalo lies a bar that serves up more than just drinks—it offers a trip down memory lane. From the beloved scramble to the signature halo-halo dessert-inspired concoction, each sip is a flashback to childhood delights. 

A curated menu is specialized with PICKUP COFFEE

Partnering with PICKUP COFFEE, Halohalo has curated a menu that pays homage to classic Filipino flavors, categorized into “Pampalamig” for a refreshing cool dip in the ocean on a scorching summer day, “Pampainit” for a warm blanket wrapped around you on a chilly night, and “Pampatunaw” for a guilty pleasure that makes you feel like you’ve just won the jackpot. 

Gabbie Mariano attends the launch

An Entrepreneurial Mix

However, beyond its products and beverages, Halohalo symbolizes a movement: one that consists and insists on a testament to the empowerment of women in the entrepreneurial landscape. Halohalo metamorphoses as a beacon of hope for aspiring female leaders, a space where dreams are nurtured and ambitions are realized. Cara Limjap and Rocco Sumabat’s Halohalo stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through determination, passion, and a sprinkle of creativity.

A number of accessories thus was created as merchandise

As a Filipina entrepreneur, Limjap’s journey is one of resilience and triumph. From humble beginnings to the grand opening of her and brother’s first physical store, Limjap has defied expectations and shattered glass ceilings, proving that with hard work and perseverance, anything is always possible. Through Halohalo, Limjap not only offers stylish products and delicious beverages with Filipino flavors, but also serves as a role model for aspiring female entrepreneurs across the country.

Halohalo embodies a lifestyle, now encompassing the Halohalo world

Cara Limjap looks towards the future with a twinkle in her eye and a spring in her step as Halohalo continues to flourish into a world of its own, a unique flavor shared with every Filipino. And, like a perfectly concocted halo-halo, it’s a blend of creativity, innovation, and a sprinkle of magic that tantalizes the senses and leaves you craving for more. With each new day, Halohalo’s universe expands, offering a taste of the sweet possibilities that await.

Photography GRANT BABIA

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