Ivana Alawi Stays Brilliant Through This Homegrown Jewelry Brand

Ivana Alawi Stays Brilliant Through This Homegrown Jewelry Brand


Ivana Alawi’s love for diamonds started at a young age because of her mother. Now that she’s a woman of her own, her relationship with “the girl’s best friend” fully dazzles through LVNA by Drake Dustin

When tasked to do this cover shoot with LVNA and the inimitable Ivana Alawi, there was no other iconic jewelry superstar that we could think of other than Elizabeth Taylor herself. With beauty that is mysterious and exudes brilliant energy, Ivana was the perfect woman to embody and modernize the legendary Liz Taylor. With every shot, Ivana didn’t only give us her best Liz Taylor looks, but showcased the woman that she truly is—fun, dedicated, and passionate. This time we talk about her love for diamonds and how these values relate to the foundational values of her favorite jewelry brand, LVNA by Drake Dustin. We also talk to Drake Ibay, proprietor of LVNA, on how this collaboration is a match made from the stars.

What is it about jewelry that makes you happy?

Ivana: For me, it’s really all about the designs. They make me really happy! Aside from the joy it brings me, I also know that jewelry is a great investment, and one of the best perks of this is you can actually wear these investments.

Do you think the adage, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” applies to you?

I: Of course, no explanation needed my dear. You just need to look at the pieces I wear and you’ll understand.

What’s the most important thing you look for when it comes to your jewelry?

I check on three things: the clarity of the stone, the design, and of course, its value, and how it will appreciate through the years. LVNA checks all these boxes for me.

Why do you think jewelry is important in an outfit?

I: I like wearing my button-down shirt and jeans with my trusted Louboutins or Choos on a night out with a friend, and when I choose to dress up a bit, I wear it with my diamond studs, my diamond ring, and a stack of bangles. I used this as an example because it shows the power of jewelry to elevate a classic look. 

How did you find about Drake and LVNA?

I: My mom messaged him! Just like how I met my manager Perry who she messaged, too. My love for diamonds really was influenced by my mom who equally loves them. She saw how good the jewelry from LVNA was and instantly wanted to order for the whole family.

Drake: I’ve been a fan of Ivana since she started and have been wanting to do a collaboration with her for the longest time, but I never had the courage to do so. Until her mom, Tita Fatima, sent an inquiry on our social media account last June. That’s when I got the chance to connect with her. She’s a darling, very genuine, and welcoming. She’s like a friend from the past that you just saw again, but you still have that connection you had from before. 

What makes LVNA your favorite brand when it comes to fine jewelry?

I: For me, it really is the wide selection of designs and stones. The quality is also amazing, as well as the overall branding and aesthetics of LVNA. I am also glad that the prices are reasonable and won’t break the bank.

What are the characteristics that make Ivana the best face of LVNA?

D: We’ve been doing partnerships with other celebrities, but nobody compares to Ivana’s dedication to her work. What started as just a simple collaboration that started in June, in just two months after, we knew that we were working with our ultimate star. The endorser and brand ambassador we’ve been waiting to have for the past three years has finally come. It was very magical. She’s the most dedicated and down-to-earth person I’ve ever met. She has exceeded our expectations. That’s what I call true dedication. Her grace, generosity, heart, and love for her work and everything she stands for as an artist intertwines fully with what LVNA stands for. I can’t see anyone else representing our brand more than Ivana. 

What values do LVNA and Ivana have in common?

D: LVNA and Ivana is a match made in heaven. Our values are the same. Ivana always aspires to enrich the lives of others and it inspires LVNA to do the same. She has been our rock on our busiest and most stressful days. A true light in the dark.

What are her all-time favorite pieces?

D: Ivana is all about investing through our pieces. Her favorites are the ones that really hold value. She is a smart investor, but design-wise, she’s attracted to the more classic pieces and tone of yellow gold. LVNA actually holds very little yellow gold in our collection to connect more with the younger generations, but Ivana’s love for it made us produce more designs in this color, and like her, our consumers received them very well.

If you could make a piece of jewelry that would best describe Ivana what would it be and why?

D: I really can’t say a lot right now, but I am excited about what LVNA and Ivana have in store for everyone. Let’s just say that it’s going to be all about the fierceness and quiet confidence that classic beauty can exude. For now, I can say, the 8ct Diamond ring we designed and made for her speaks a lot about the true Ivana. A girl with big dreams, who values her future and principles very dearly. Quality and value over anything else.

Photography BJ PASCUAL
Creative Direction JEB FRONDA
Art Direction JANN PASCUA
Shoot coordination PATRICIA RAMOS
Shot on location at MARRIOT HOTEL MANILA
Special thanks to PAOLO LUCIANO

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