How Ivana Alawi Succeeds in Being a One-Woman Team

How Ivana Alawi Succeeds in Being a One-Woman Team


Philippines’ top YouTuber Ivana Alawi shares how the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G has changed the way she does content creating

Ivana Alawi’s path into content creation has always been about entertainment, creativity, and kindness—all in the best quality possible. The YouTuber turned actress knows her way in front of and around the camera—but on the big screen, it’s fictional—a character she’s playing. On YouTube, Ivana is as true as she can be. In embracing authenticity as a public figure, Ivana shares the technical aspect of her content creation that’s boosted her process.

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In the moment…in the camera

“I get to reach different audiences. I love doing this [content creation] because it’s hands-on and it shows who I am,” Ivana tells MEGA. She also reveals that most of her content is natural: “Whatever happens, happens. Wala akong script. I think that’s why natutuwa ‘yong mga viewers—because it’s natural.” This means that the viral ‘Pinaiyak ako ni Marian Rivera’, the ‘My Followers Control My Day’, and all the other vlogs—everything comes authentically. Ivana’s entertainment value is high, but her audience is also really charmed by quick-wittedness and sense of humor.

Ivana was honored by Google as ‘Top YouTube Content Creator’ for two consecutive years

Coming from the good place

But really sustaining her channel, which contains an amassed number of 17.5 million, is certainly no small feat. With that, Ivana just gives it straight to MEGA: “I love helping out, I love inspiring people with my own content, and I get to be creative, to think of what I want to do. That’s touching people’s hearts and showing kindness.”

In one of her many vlogs, Ivana surprised delivery riders with free helmets and cash prizes, and they couldn’t help tearing up. It’s safe to say Ivana has a heart of gold for sharing her blessings and for using her platform to do so.

Going into the technical side

While it comes with its rewards, the biggest challenge for Ivana is thinking of ideas. “I’m a one-woman team, it’s really just me,” she shares. “And sometimes, mauubusan ka talaga ng ideas. But at the end of the day, what keeps me going is the audience who want to see more.”

And to achieve this, Ivana is always on her phone—filming, monitoring, taking down notes and ideas. She shares with MEGA, “With work, it’s really important to me to have a fast-charging phone. I’m always on it—I create content, I monitor and watch my content, I think of content, I talk to a lot of people…and what helps me do this without worrying about my battery life is Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G.”

To stay on top, Ivana is all about providing her truest self in the highest quality videos

Alongside this, our phones are a central hub for all things content, and it’s crucial for content creators to keep up and ensure their content increases engagement and is easily accessible on mobile devices. “Lagi akong low-bat, so it really changed my life,” Ivana says, emphasizing that the battery life of Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G is an important technical aspect of her process. Consequently, pieces of Ivana’s life are recorded and documented for everyone to see; it’s vital for her to capture these moments with a fast-moving device with high quality. 

In her process, Ivana uses her phone for all things content

The creator’s new partnership with mobile brand Infinix is rooted from a shared vision and message—to reach everyone. “We both have the same goal of reaching people, and Infinix offers affordable phones for those with tight budgets,” Ivana states. “I want the viewers to experience what I experience when I film or edit or do anything with this phone, too.”

Ivana’s fun personality shines even brighter with Infinix’s camera

That said, for aspiring YouTubers or content creators, Ivana’s piece of advice is always this: while the equipment may be the same for optimal quality, it’s who you show in front of the camera that needs to be uniquely your own: “You need to be yourself.”

Photos and Featured Image: INFINIX

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