How Kira Manansala is Inspiring a Generation of Young Women

How Kira Manansala is Inspiring a Generation of Young Women


In an era where success often seems reserved for grown-ups, Kira Manansala is proof that with hard work, talent, and a strong sense of purpose, anyone can achieve greatness

Many finish their 20s and wonder where all those years went because of how fast it usually seems given that it is a period of change and growth. Thus, it is easy to lose track of time and feel like the years are just flying by. And during this time, if you’re spending your journey right, you’ll feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment every step of the way as you pursue your passions, learn new things, and grow as a person. 

Kira Manansala wearing YOU Beauty Rouge Power Lip Matte in Passion
YOU Beauty Rouge Power Matte Lip Cream in Passion

Imagine a young woman named Kira Manansala, whose passion for life ignited at the age of 12. She was determined to explore every opportunity that life had to offer to make a positive impact on her world. With each step she took, Kira was guided by a sense of purpose and fulfillment. She pursued her passion in modeling with zeal, embracing every new challenge and setback with the resilience and determination of a free-spirited woman. Even though she started at such a very young age, the model is inspired by her unwavering commitment to living life on her own terms. 

As Kira looks back on her experiences in this exclusive with MEGAStyle, we can feel a sense of pride and happiness as her journey continues to be filled with exciting seasons to come. 

The young and the fearless

Fearless, highly intelligent, brave, curious, and driven—these are the adjectives to describe Kira Manansala. From facing her first disappointment during the canceled auditions for PMAP in 2016 to taking that leap of faith in accepting the invite of PMAP to join their casting for new models, Kira’s career journey has been nothing short of impressive.

Kira Manansala wearing YOU Beauty Rouge Power Lip Matte in Passion

On her advice to aspiring young models, “[For] young girls who want to pursue modeling as a career, [it is important] to know that they must be able to handle a lot of rejections and criticisms as part of the job. I was able to overcome all of that by being confident, having a strong mindset, and learning to embrace my imperfections.” 

Although the young model felt nervous at that time, it did not stop her drive to begin reaching for her dreams. “I was really inspired and motivated because PMAP is a well-known organization and is very much respected in the fashion industry,” this was her self-encouragement that started it all. 

Meanwhile, in the world of pageantry, the young Kira Manansala entered the competition with a brave heart as well. With her bringing home the titles of Miss Teen Tourism Philippines 2019 and Miss Teen Tourism International 2019, Kira’s journey was a mix of excitement and unexpected twists and turns. According to her, entering pageantry at a young age was both tough and fun at the same time—tough because it required a lot of physical and mental preparation, but fun because she got to meet a lot of new friends. Thankfully, Kira had the unwavering support of her family who cheered her every step of the way. During the competition, she learned the importance of trusting herself and not comparing herself to others. She knew that being true to herself was the key to success. 

Kira Manansala wearing YOU Beauty Rouge Power Lip Matte in Passion

Model citizen

Kira Manansala is not just a beautiful face on fashion editorials and runways—she is also a model who supports a cause. As an advocate for proper plastic waste disposal, Kira is using her platform to raise awareness and encourage others to take action. According to her, the plastic problem is alarming more so on a global scale. Although she acknowledges the government’s efforts to solve the problem, there are still a lot of individuals who ignore the threat it implicates. 

The young model feels privileged to be in a position to influence as many people as possible, especially in the young women’s sector. One project that stands out in her mind is a clean-up drive where she and her team collected plastics and cleaned up the side of the road. Though it was just a small step, Kira knows that every action counts in the fight against plastic pollution. She hopes that her advocacy will inspire others to take action and help make the world a better place for generations to come. 

As Kira navigates through this venture of influence, she mentioned her role model that inspires her chosen advocacy: “Our Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. She’s so intelligent and, like the epitome of an empowered woman, she has successfully conquered the pageant world and the fashion industry—and she’s even an active advocate for women’s rights. If God permits, I want to be able to do that. It [would] be fun if I am given a chance to talk to her.”

Reign as an empowered woman

Indeed, Kira Manansala is an empowered woman in her own right. Nearing the conclusion of her chat with MEGAStyle, the beautiful individual who was sporting YOU Beauty’s Rouge Power Matte lip in the shade Passion spoke candidly about her struggles in the modeling industry. Like many of us, she talked about how she prioritizes self-care in order to stay strong and focused. Through it all, Kira remains resilient, refusing to let the obstacles hold her back. Her vulnerability is a reminder that even the strongest women face challenges, but it’s how we respond to them that truly defines us. 

Kira Manansala wearing YOU Beauty Rouge Power Lip Matte in Passion
YOU Beauty Rouge Power Matte Lip Cream in Passion

“During competitions, I’ve trusted [myself] and the importance of not comparing myself to others, considering I am competing with candidates who already have numerous pageant experiences.” 

Kira Manansala is a young woman who aspires to make a difference in the world. In order to do that, she chose to take up Nursing and aims to pursue Medicine in the future. At the moment, she is focused on achieving academic excellence and other personal goals. But one thing’s for sure—Kira Manansala is doing all these to become a woman of wisdom and purpose in the years to come. “I feel like it’s mostly just a person who wants to help others, and it is something that I can do to care for other people when they can’t take care of themselves,” Kira beautifully ends the conversation as she proves that there are so many wonderful parts with being young. 

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