How Loisa Andalio Brightens Her Day

How Loisa Andalio Brightens Her Day


With a fantastic future ahead of her, we sit down with Loisa Andalio and figure out what makes her one of the brightest young stars of her generation.

Imagine being a celebrity at 20, with 5.4 million Instagram followers, a hit series on primetime TV, and a lead role in an upcoming film. The pressure would be paralyzing, but not for Loisa Andalio, who seems to have mastered the art of keeping her sense of humor and sense of self through it all.

White dress by DEBBIE CO, sleeveless blazer by VANESSA PINLAC, earrings by PIEDRA

Having been in showbiz for five years, all of them under that tender transition into adulthood, Loisa has bloomed in the spotlight and found herself thriving because of it. She started dancing and singing with girl-group 3G at fiestas, and while she reveals that while they weren’t paid for those gigs, she enjoyed every experience.

Sheer sleeve by JANN BUNGCARAS, sleeveless top by ANOTO__,pearl drop earrings by Hyphen MNL

As a child, she was always playing out in the streets, which is something she continues to do even as a celebrity. “Kapag stressed ako, naglalaro ako ng volleyball,” Loisa says. She does this at home, in a house she had built for her family. “Minsan lumalabas ako nang hindi pa naliligo, pupunta ng mall. Okay lang sa akin kung may makakita sakin nang walang makeup. Okay lang din magpa-picture. Sa PBB lagi naman kaming walang makeup noon,” which also isn’t just for lip service, because even without an ounce of every conceivable cosmetics, her skin is radiant.

Perhaps starting her career in a reality show that is premised on revealing its cast as they are had something to do with it, or maybe it was her upbringing, the words of her father, that keeps Loisa grounded. “’Yung Papa ko, lagi niyang sinasabi na huwag ako makakalimot magdasal, huwag magmamataas sa kapwa, Iaapak mo lang ang paa mo sa lupa,” the young actress shares. Things may have changed since her days in the Big Brother House, but Loisa, makes sure that she remains true to herself, to the point of doing her own makeup for shows. “Nagtitipid kasi ako,” she jokes.

Loisa Andalio
White top by JANN BUNGCARAS, sleeveless 3/4 blazer by USHISATO, skirt by DEBBIE CO

Her self-care routine, also very simple, is grounded on skincare. “Una muna facial wash, then naglalagay ako ng eye patch, nose patch pantanggal ng blackheads, then wipes, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer…Oil. And ‘yung toner ng Gluta-C. Importante ‘yun kasi confident ka na gigising ka na smooth ‘yung skin mo, hindi ka na nagiisip kung paano mo tatakpan ‘yung ganito. Mas maganda kasi mas konti ‘yung nilalagay mo sa face mo,” she says.

She maintains a definition of beauty that is rooted in self-esteem: “Kung mabuti yung panloob mo, maganda din yung panlabas mo. Kung maasikaso ka sa iba, maasikaso ka din sa sarili mo. Kung saan ka kumportable, kung anong tingin nilang bagay sa kanila.”

This is perhaps why despite her tender age, there is a brush of credibility when Loisa talks about her skincare at length, which she admits to being particular with—especially with the conditions celebrities like her are subjected to on a normal basis. A natural complement to her no-fuss, holistic approach to skincare, and the range that Gluta-C offers is truly a perfect fit, highlighting products that not only whiten, but also nourishes and protects skin, giving one that undeniable glow to take them through their days.

Oversized bow by CHRIS NICK, white top by DEBBIE CO, white trouser by SORA THE LABEL

Even at the shoot, where she was flanked by a mod-inspired stark set, paired with immaculate white fashion, it was her stunning skin that shone through. And before you even argue that she is young, she quickly counters that especially in this day and age, it is never too early to get a head start on skincare.

Having transformed over the span of her career thus far, change is nothing new for the young actress. Arguing that nothing else is more constant than change, it is something that she in fact welcomes—wherever the tides may flow. With much to be seen, as well as with a wealth of possibilities hanging over the horizon, it is certain that the future of Loisa Andalio is bright indeed. And that isn’t just something we affix to every on-the-cusp actress, because with what she has gone through to get to this point and the verve that she has, this young lady is definitely going places.

Photography MJ Suayan of Artists & Co Manila
Art direction Shaira Bungcag
Fashion direction and styling Lyn Alumno and Gee Jocson
Beauty direction Trina Epilepsia Boutain
Makeup by Jelly Eugenio
Hair by Jan Edrosolan
Nails by Mimi Reyes of Mi & Me Luxury Nails
Sittings editors Peewee Reyes-Isidro and Angelo Ramirez De Cartagena
Shoot coordination by Thea Martin
Shoot assistant Azelle Estacio
Production design by Tipping Point Collective
Special thanks to Nhila Mallari of Star Magic

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