How Maja Salvador and Cath Sobrevega Married Style and Friendship

How Maja Salvador and Cath Sobrevega Married Style and Friendship


In an exclusive interview with MEGA Entertainment, Cath shares the process of dressing Maja for her biggest role to date

Weddings are a celebration of not just one relationship, but is also a union of many bonds that lead to bringing two people together. Indeed, Maja Salvador and Rambo Nuñez’s love story attests to that. Besides their partnership, it is their relationship with individuals like Cath Sobrevega that prepared them for their big day. 

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Cath Sobrevega wedding
Photography PAT DY

For the past few months, the stylist was not just conceptualizing what the actress will don on her big day. She was also in the process of fulfilling her own duties as a bride-to-be.

“I [get really] excited when I style brides,” she started. “I love the process of helping them with the direction of their looks on the most special day of their life and just being there for them all through the process. So, what more when you do it for a friend? It’s twice as fun!”

Maja and Cath wedding

Bridal affair

Maja had a number of wedding looks, ranging from her Chanel backless knit dress to her crystal-crusted afterparty Berta frock. Fabric and texture play, as well as paying homage to the “something old, something new” saying reflected the bride’s affinity with playfulness, but always with a classic twist. 

For her secret civil wedding last February, the star opted for Filipino designer Mark Bumgarner’s sartorial craftsmanship. Taking inspiration from Audrey Hepburn, the boatneck neckline and cocktail length of the actress’ dress were an homage to the icon’s piece from the 1957 film, Funny Face

Maja intimate wedding

Meanwhile, the stylist-turned-real-life-friend of the new bride revealed that another part of Salvador’s personality was also incorporated to their wedding prep—travel. In January, they went to Singapore to find a pair of wedding shoes that ended up becoming a total of six. Why? “Because Maja is the type who wants options just in case!” Cath pointed out with a laugh.

During the same trip, their whole team also sourced out Maja’s two wedding gowns, the off-shoulder lace number from Zuhair Murad and the deep, plunging neckline creation from Berta. 

Maja and Cath wedding

In the middle of the actual civil wedding and the grand celebration with the rest of their family and friends was a quick trip to Egypt, another dream come true for the bride. Making it all the more momentous, the style team prepared 10 looks for the whole shoot. When July came, the last fittings for wedding gowns were done. Come their Bali wedding, the rest is history. 

Joyful union

The journey to fulfilling the wedding ensemble agenda would not be complete without the groom’s suit as well. For this, Cath shared, “Rambo has become a friend, too, and I had to make sure he looks as impeccable as his bride! For [his] look, he wore head-to-toe Dolce and Gabbana, which we found in Hong Kong.” 

Wrapping up the conversation, the stylist expressed how meaningful the whole experience was for her. “I’m very honored and grateful for the trust and friendship that both Maja and Rambo gave to me. It also means a lot because, as friends, we are both going through the same stage in our lives. We are sharing this beautiful journey with each other.” 

Maja and Cath wedding

In attending weddings, one hopes that the newly wedded couple will hold on to the promise of their forever. But maybe, it is not only their relationship that we hope that perseveres through it all. At the back of our minds, we also want to keep the relationships that made it to big days like weddings. Lucky for Maja Salvador and Cath Sobrevega, they both honor the promise of friendship the same way they vowed to love and honor their respective partners. 


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