How Michelle Dee and Anntonia Porsild’s Friendship United Countries and Communities

How Michelle Dee and Anntonia Porsild’s Friendship United Countries and Communities


The impact of #PorDee lives on long after the Miss Universe competition in these ways

Right off the bat, Michelle Dee and Anntonia Porsild had change and purpose in mind—even and most especially in their friendship. In the MEGA cover story for March, Miss Philippines and Miss Thailand revealed that they initially wanted their competing countries to meet halfway and embody what Miss Universe stands for—community and camaraderie. 

#PorDee on the cover of MEGA’s March issue

Months after the competition, their mission changed not just the lives of the supporters but also theirs. Here’s how the tandem brought their lives, their worlds, and their purpose together. 

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Shared stories of passion

Before they even made an effort to build a friendship, Michelle and Anntonia already had their similarities. Built with the stature fit for models. Established a background in business. Pageant second timers. In industries like business where men still continue to dominate, they both want to give spaces for women and persons with autism and disabilities. Beyond their beauty, their relentless pursuit for change called them to use different pageant titles in raising awareness for their advocacies. 

Michelle Dee Anntonia Porsild Pordee MEGA Magazine friendship women cover ship
Michelle Dee welcomed Anntonia Porsild to her home country, the Philippines; Photo: MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES (via Instagram)

Sisterhood at the forefront

The queens’ conscious decision to support each other happened before, during, and even after the competition. In the past competition, Philippines and Thailand did not just acknowledge each other’s power in the pageant sphere. They respected the seriousness of the countries in competing and supporting their candidates, and that was possible through Dee and Porsild leading by example. Where was Michelle after the announcement of the Top 5? The audience finally spotted the former beside the Miss Universe 2023 First Runner-Up after Sheynnis Palacios was crowned. That’s support through and through. 

Michelle Dee Anntonia Porsild Pordee MEGA Magazine friendship women cover ship
During the competition, Pordee still had each other’s backs till the end; Photo: PAGEANT NEWS (via Twitter)

Sailing the PorDee ship

While the sisterhood bond is naturally highlighted in platforms such as pageants, both contestants and fans also acknowledge the possibility of contenders turning into possible romantic partners. Case in point, former representatives of Argentina and Puerto Rico, Mariana Valera and Fabiola Valentin, respectively. 

@annporsild A much needed beauty day with @Miss Universe Thailand @Miss Universe Skincare @MMD 💕 #pordeeuniverse #fyp #แฟนนางงาม ♬ nhạc nền – xiao xiao 💦

Of course, #PorDee has its own fair share of sweet moments such as their Mommy and Daddy terms of endearment, TikTok videos, and Instagram lives. They are even open to entertaining the possibility of doing a GL (girl love) series, given the right material. Although fans are moving the waters to keep the ship sailing, they, too, know their limitations and accept the realities of both Michelle and Anntonia. 

What makes PorDee special? Their purposeful partnership; Photography: GRANT BABIA

Featured Image: MEGA ARCHIVES

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